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Rahsia Chua Terbongkar!

Written By kadayan chronicles on Sunday, 17 June 2007 | 22:20

Written by KaaWai ^TaNaH^

Revised text version, 28 May 2008.

Kedayan Ultra 2: Rahsia Chua Terbongkar!

Chua dari chuascorner.blogspot.com 2nd series

Chua was one of the most prolific Malaysian bloggers indeed. Perhaps he is way too prolific, though. His works are considered as highly controversial by Malaysian standard. The published ideas in his blog sparked protests from annoyed readers since 2004. He prompted concern amongst Malaysian leaders and partly became the reason why government is considering to revise policy on online bloggers early this year (2007).

Artikel bertajuk "Kadayan Ultra!" yang kami siarkan beberapa hari lepas mengundang email dari seorang pembaca yang hanya mahu dikenali dengan nama "kadayan banaa". Beliau menjelaskan siapa Chua yang sebenarnya dan email beliau kami siarkan pada kali ini.


"Sdr Kaawai,

I came across your article "Kadayan (kedayan) Ultra" about Chua's Corner at chuascorner.blogspot.com.

First and foremost, let me tell you that CHUA IS NOT A KADAYAN (KEDAYAN). He is a MALAYSIAN, A CHINESE. Well, I knew him albeit not personally. His real name is Dennis Chua. He works at the Entertainment Section / Desk, New Strait Times (Malaysia) newspaper company in Kuala Lumpur.

He speaks the truth when he states that his profession is a journalist in the blogspot profile.

Attached some of his photos here. Look at his face. He is a sure Chinese, look like a Chinese and smile like a Chinese.

This is one example to show that some Malaysians grew a natural hate for him because of his specific ideals, please click this LINK.

Although his articles cover many subjects, his favorite subjects are Malaysia' politics and Malay dominance in Malaysia. I will send you some of his articles in the next email.

I am a Kadayan, and I too, kind of puzzled why Chua pays too much attention to Kadayan. He can't seem to forget to mention kadayan in most of his articles. The real reason for his affliction to Kadayan people is known only to himself. But for me, reading through his many articles about Malay and Malaysian socio-politics, has made my mind running on wild guess...
I think he wants to show to the Malaysian public that in Malaysia, malay dominance matter is actually trivial. He proposes that Malaysia does not belong to malays, and most of them who claimed to be of malay stock actually aren't, historically.

Rather, most of them are actually descendant of immigrants, immigrated from elsewhere.

He pointed out that almost everybody (so long they are famous, of course) are of a mixed origin. And when come to identifying source of origin, his favorite scapegoat is Kadayan!

So, based on his idea, when Malaysia isn't belong to malay people, it belongs to every Malaysian regardless of their racial origin, malay or not, Bumiputera or not. Again, I am just guessing...

Well, in some way or the other, he does promote Kadayan in many of his articles. This is true but sadly, he isn't honest in doing so.

I still don't know why he likes Kadayan so much, but he probably did a handful research about it. Seems that he is running on his wildest imagination to fulfill serve his own purpose. He twisted some facts about Kadayan by saying that Kadayan in Malaysia are mere descendant of Indonesian origin. Plus, he does not care much to differentiate (or probably he doesn't know the different ) between Kadayan and Brunei malay. So long it is Brunei and / or Kadayan, for him, its alright; and they are all Kadayans.

Most of the time he convey an underlying messages that Kadayan people are originated from Indonesia based on the theory that Kadayan may come to Malaysia (Peninsular, Sabah and Sarawak) from Kutai or Banjarmasin part of Borneo which are located inside present day Indonesia.

But Chua probably understand too that, Borneo is Borneo as an island. People of Borneo is still a people of Borneo no matter what. The so-called "Indonesia-Malaysia boundaries" does not exist in Borneo prior to 1824. That is, prior to Dutch-English treaty that caused a permanent division of Borneo island as we can understand today.

Tell me what is Sarawak and Sabah border mean for Kadayans who live along Marapok and Sindumin, or for Lun Bawang people who live in Long Pasia and Kalimantan border?

For them border is just a border. Their blood tie are much thicker than a mere invisible border.

In the same manner, Kadayan are the people of Borneo, Indonesia or not, Brunei or not, Malaysia or not.

I have some of his articles, and I will send them to you. I propose that you publish them so our readers can judge who Chua really is.

Kadayan is trully unique people. It is just unfortunate that we don't have much and well documented history. But at the same time, we I think we don't need an imposter to promote ourselves. Chua uses Kadayan as a mean to serve his dirty work and I don't like it!

Chua, if you can read this,stop it OK. Stop using Kadayan... If you really want to know who Kadayan really is please pay us a visit.


Saudara "Kadayan Banaa", terima kasih di atas penjelasan saudara. Kami berjanji akan menyiarkan artikel-artikel Chua yang menyentuh mengenai Kadayan sebaik sahaja kami menerima email anda nanti-Kaawai Tanah
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