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A Kadayan Blog: ItsUrDay

Written By kadayan chronicles on Sunday, 25 November 2007 | 12:11

Written by KaaWai ^TaNaH^


KadayanUniverse.Com admittedly isn't very active these day.

Our writers seem too busy with other things, and leaving behind KadayanUniverse.Com without any updates for months. Of course, this website isn't dead, yet.

We have been online for nearly 3 years now. But since all written contributions are on voluntary basis (without any honorarium whatsoever), fluctuation is nearly a sure thing.

At the meantime, it doesn't mean that readers, especially kadayans, lack of good reading materials and news about Kadayan in particular.

This blog is one of those, and it up and running since the last few months. You probably knew about this already, but its still no harm mentioning it, better late than never. Its undoubtly an active blog, congratulation to Abdul Samad Kasah.

According to the webmaster, the blog "Reaping the benefits - This Blog is dedicated to my family, all the Kedayan / Kadayan people of Sabah, Sarawak and Brunei. It is about the Kedayan / Kadayan people, arts, culture & tradition and the challenges facing the Kedayan / Kadayan community in general. I'd love to have just a small piece of your attention on my Blog and feel free to browse its contents."

There are some information about the webmaster as well. A proud Kadayan, if I may say. In his own words, he is a "Truly Kadayan / Kedayan by birth. Residing in Subang Jaya, Selangor D.E. since 1988 until now". You can visit his blogs by clicking the links below:

ItsUrDay.BlogSpot.Com DarahKedayan.BlogSpot.Com
KadayanUniverse Management Team.
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