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Say NO to arrogant souls

Written By kadayan chronicles on Thursday, 11 December 2008 | 20:46

Written by TaSigung Tia

Read this piece whenever somebody started to think that we are less bumi in spirit by hitting hard the government of the day. By no mean that arrogant souls such as Hindraf and Jiao Zong are welcome here either.

To the empire they go (A. Kadir Jasin)

When the Communists started to attack their plantations and tin mines, they recruited the lazy Malays and told them of patriotism and the evil of communism and the danger of Chinese dominance.

They Malays love their Tanah Melayu (the land of the Malays). They become soldiers, auxiliary policemen and plantation guards to ward off the marauding Communist terrorists.

They sacrificed their lives to protect their English Tuans and Mems. They kept the Tuans’ Chinese amahs, Malay drivers and Indian gardeners safe. And not to mention the thousands of indentured Indian and Chinese workers in the plantations, tin and gold mines, small towns and kongsis.

Then, in 1957, the Tuans left. For some reasons, they forgot to send back to China and India or bring with them to old England the millions of indentured Chinese and Indian workers.

Instead, the Tuans told the lazy but kindhearted Malays, led by a prince no less, that they could have their independence on condition that they accord citizenship to the Chinese and Indians who choose to stay put.

Overnight, the Persekutuan Tanah Melayu aka the Federation of Malaya embraced one million Chinese and Indian immigrants. Full story
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