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Sabah's Poverty~ How's the calculation like, Musa Aman?

Written By kadayan chronicles on Saturday, 12 February 2011 | 21:09

Are KIRMTs a.k.a poor families in Sabah going to be in negative number next year, sir?

This posting brings about boring calculations, don't say that you weren't forewarned.

Daily Express, 03.02.10

Recently Musa Aman was quoted in news that, based on e-Kasih System the state government detected only a total of 1,415 new hardcore poor households (KIRMTs) with 1,252 categorised as Productive KIRMTs and the rest under the Non-Productive category.

The figure is for the end of 2010. Obviously it is much, much smaller in comparison with the previous year. As he explained further, in 2009 there were about 18,294 of KIRMTs. This is way to small, really. Small enough that it digresses myself into confusion. Yes, confuse.

The 1,415 are the newly found KIRMTs in 2010, right?

In order to made yearly comparison possible, similarly the 2009 data of KIRMT, too, are the newly found KIRMTs for the year. Otherwise, the two sets of data ought to be treated separately. For instance, if the 18,294 are the existing KIRMTs as of 2009 and 1,415 are those of newly found, then the correct equation will be 18,294 + 1,415. This brings the right answer to the total of 19, 709. Obviously this is not some kind of reduction but, an increase.

So, back to the first assumption. If the 18,294 are of the newly found KIRMTs in 2009 and 1,415 is for the following year of 2010, then all I can say is 'wow'. Jin or not, Musa is truly a newly found Gods of Wealth of Sabah, 'Dewa Kekayaan'. Musa was talking about 93% reduction, or, a reduction of 16,879 newly found kIRMTs in just a year.

Considering the state government claims that the 'poverty goal is on target' as per the headline. Then it is safe to assume that the decline, or, the healthy trend continues for this year, if not even better.

2009 = 18,294
2010 = 1,415 (18,294-16,879)
2011 = (-15,464) ( 1,415-16,879)

The estimated figure for the end of 2011 will be -15,464!

Are KIRMTs a.k.a poor families in Sabah going to be in negative number next year, sir?

There is of course, another thing to ponder upon. Last year Musa said that the state government managed to significantly reduce the hard core poor families into a mere 7,455 of them. I suppose 2010 data is an addition into this, so it give us 7,455 + 1,415 = 8,870.

As far as the KIRMT or e-Kasih are concerncd, these are the very core of poor people that government is looking on. And in 2011 state government is going to spent RM85,000,000 via 1Azam program.

Musa said that poverty goal on target, but the state government actually allocates RM85,000,000 for 8,870 KIRMTs. Means, the average is a mere RM9,582 per family. In real sense, is this enough to uplift the economic status of poor families?

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