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Oh Yes, Malaya Parties Go Back To Malaya!

Written By kadayan chronicles on Friday, 11 May 2012 | 04:02

With all the seats you have, come pay us a visit after GE. All of the MPs and ADUNs here, BN or Not,  will jump over to you.

Jeffrey Kitingan says it right actually.

And when I cursed STAR Sabah, it isn’t because I hate him but because his men are getting very nasty and he cannot control anymore. Almost everybody wants to become his number two. Or even bypass him. Just look at the Facebook and you will know what I mean

I agree with Jeffrey, but maybe because of different reason altogether.

PKR, DAP and Pas or Pakatan Rakyat or PR in short, you have nothing to worry about us here. Just focus on Malaya, Malaya and Malaya.

Assuming popular prediction about the forthcoming 13th General Election is correct, PR has a slight advantage over BN. PR may win, but with no clear majority, so the pundits wannabe said. It is highly possible and even more probable if you guys focusing your limited resources including cursing, yelling and shouting there instead.

Don’t worry about us. Read the history of Sabah’s politics and you will understand.

Here, the party-hopping inclination is legendary and second to none. “Lompat” is actually the most civilized politics known to us.

And history will, I say WILL, repeat itself.

After the GE, with all the seats you have, feel free to pay us a visit. By the time, rest assure that all of the MPs and ADUNs, BN OR NOT,  will be more than willing to jump over and to be with you.

“Tukar baju saja bah”, so they will say while surrendering themselves en masse, in a hopping frenzy.

Ask Jeffrey, he knew it.

So be wise. Conserve your energy. Back off to Malaya, for now.
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