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Aiyah – sitting down [yoga] isn't that difficult lor …

Written By kadayan chronicles on Tuesday, 25 November 2008 | 15:34

Written by Achai

Okay, now Malaysians are very sensitive to everything. No wonder Malaysian leaders are always very busy managing our country lately.

In the latest development, Malaysian's muslim scholars collectively came up with new fatwa that its okay for muslims to sit down for hours and do basically nothing, except to observe their breath. According to them, if muslim wanna sit, they can sit only and they cannot chant - particularly in sanskrit - thats bad for muslims.

And for those who like to sit and do nothing for hours, they don't seems to like the new edict. With one problem actually, the new edict does not actually effect them.

In my opinion, the Hindu Sangam is the one that should be more sensitive here. As a Muslim, I have no problem with an edict or fatwa, as it is basically a guide. In the case of the yoga, the Fatwa Council says it would be haram if a Muslim performs the religions elements and the chants. The exercise alone is not haram. Some Muslims who are into yoga may decide to leave yoga totally following the edict while some others may decide to just do the exercise. As always, there would be others who will pooh-pooh the edict and still do the yoga -- all three elements of it. rockybru

Samy to meet PM over yoga ban MIC president S Samy Vellu today said he would meet Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to discuss the National Fatwa Council's ruling on the practice of yoga by Muslims. malaysiakini

Samy, what ban?

As a matter of fact, it does not effect even muslims. The bottom line is muslims can sit down for as long as they want.

The art of sitting down and do nothing isn't that complicated actually. For if it so complicated it shouldn't be called as sitting down. I myself is the fan of this sitting down thing for so long.

Alright , seriously, yoga isn't just about sitting down. It is very time consuming in comparison to a simple meditation. It requires lots of posture, exercise and years of training under proper guidance of a guru. But really - most of the chantings shouldn't be taken literally on face value. Rather, it serves as a catalyst of mind rather that to worship a particular deity.

Whatever. But in my humble view, unless you wanna become a true Buddhist or a Hindu – you can skip the chantings. Or you can replace them to something that suit your religion.

Aiyah – sitting down isn't that difficult lor, why so fussy ….........

(I m new to blogging, so please excuse me for all the shortcomings in this writeup)
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