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Jeffrey Kitingan, we don't need bakakuk shooters!

Written By kadayan chronicles on Tuesday, 1 March 2011 | 19:57

Why invite BN components along. I really don't know what you are trying to prove.

This is a short posting as I want to talk straight to the point. We need snipers, not bakakuk shooters. Bakakuk shooters tend to misfire. They spray many bullets in one shoot, hoping that one of them will land right, enough to kill the intended prey. If worst comes to worst, in some cases they even accidentally shoot their hunting partner.

ya, misti mau runding bagus-bagus - pix SAPP.org

This is the news I'm talking about.

Meanwhile, Sarawak National Party (SNAP) president, Edwin Dundang, who was initially slated to present a paper on “Sarawak’s experience on state-federal relationship”, has indicated that he might not able to make it due to the impending state election.

According to Guandee, there will be about 150 participants from various districts and backgrounds. But it is understood that they will mostly be supporters of UBF’s Borneo Agenda. Component members of the ruling Barisan Nasonal (BN) like PBS, Upko, PBRS, LDP and Umno have all been invited to send officials to the dialogue along with PKR and DAP.

Also included are smaller parties like Sabah People’s Front (SPF), and Setia, the party many believe Jeffrey has targeted as his political vehicle.

What are you people up to now?

Borneo agenda is Borneo agenda. And I do believe a dialog of this kind of course, is a good start. But with due respect, I think it is quite trivial to invite BN components along to kickstart the agenda. I don't know what UBF is are trying to prove. I know these people in BN are Jeffrey and Yong's friends probably way back to PBS era. But unless there are something big going on, the way this dialog is heading shows that UBF is just a bakakuk shooter.

Be specific. Try to start with something realistic.

Please give something that makes Sabahans follow you.

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