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Mahathir's Half Truth

Written By kadayan chronicles on Saturday, 12 March 2011 | 10:15

If there is something in common between Mahathir and Susan Boyle, it is definitely limited to their pose in these photos. That is, an attempt to cover their ugly cheeks.

But no matter how we look at it, Boyle is more successfull in doing it. She looks impressive indeed, while Mahathir remains ugly as ever.

Anyway this pose, be it as ugly as it might be, is also reveal who Mahathir really is. He took a great deal of covering only one of his cheeks. As for the other one, he doesn't bother what happen to it anyway. Let it be, or let the public digest it on their own. Lantak ler...

At least this is what he told public in his memoir " A doctor in the House".

Sold out for more than 10,000 copies so far, this book already a bestseller by Malaysia's standard. And there are already public outcries too, claiming that he write only half truth and burying the other half.

Let me to highlight some of them:-

1. Mahathir may have been speaking the truth for a change although he’s not quite right, considering his ethnic Indian origins, for implying that Lee [a chinese] was wrong to harbor such ambitions. This statement refers to Lee Kwan Yew's ambition to become PM of Malaysia. So an indian can become PM, a chinese can't.

2. According to Mahathir "I am a Malay and proud of it. There are many reasons why I state this so strongly and boldly". As bold as his Kerala's born imigrant grandfather, and despite the fact that the paternal-based ethnicity determination exercise strongly applied in Malaysia.

3. “He takes years to respond in a book. But in front of the court, in front of Anwar’s lawyers, as great as Mahathir was, I don’t think he would have been able to face Anwar,” said Saifuddin. Liwat-gate, again? **duh**

4. Orang Asli did not have more rights than the Malays to claim Malaysia as their own, as they did not set up their own states and governments. This is the other way of saying that indian or half indian princes from Srivijaya or Majapahit right to Mahathir's paternal grandfather have more right to claim Malaysia as their own, as they had formed governments / kingdoms earlier than anybody's else. Since when the native indigenous rights must tagged along with the existence of formal government? Long before Islam, bedouin communities had existed without formal government for thousand of years in the Arab peninsula and the Saharan desert. And yet they can claim the area as their land even until now.

5. Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah said tonight that as Allah was his witness, he had never engaged in vote buying as alleged by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Ahh, Ku Li.. it is time to realize that you weren't forgiven, nor forgotten by Mahathir.

So, having all the above arguments in mind, I concluded that Susan Boyle is more successful in cheeks covering to compare with Mahathir. And I definitely won't buy this book unless he sells it HALF of the price.

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  1. My liking or admiration of Mahathir has reached its speak, so to speak. Some twenty years ago I thought he was formidable not just in mind but as well as deeds. What is seen today, his doing is always for the purpose to ruin or to belittle others. He is the only one correct, other are but not so.


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