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Does UMNO needs kadazan votes?

Written By kadayan chronicles on Thursday, 4 November 2010 | 12:20

Does UMNO needs kadazan, iban, bidayuh and murut votes? This is a valid question to ask since an UMNO guy said they don't need chinese and indian votes.

Yes, I know, the said video already boiled up in the internet since the last couple of weeks. But this surely is not an isolated case. The chain of events steadily indicate the similar pattern from time to time. We already heard about Ahmad Ismail 'genius' conclusion that chinese are pendatangs. Not long after that one Nasir Safar told us that Indian were beggars, while chinese were prostitutes.

Pendatangs, beggars and prostitutes. No wonder why Johari Ghani says he doesn't wants Chinese and Indians votes. Tell me who want pendatangs, beggars and prostitutes by the way

Full text available in this article, read on.

And oh, we have Ibrahim Ali and his survival politics with the whole new level ultra-right-wing view of PERKASA. If only PERKASA is a political party, I bet he is capable to emulates the Aussie's Pauline Hanson party of One Nation saga, some time ago.

It is a common knowledge that Umno is a malay-centric party, and Malaysia's socio-politics is clearly communal-based from birth. Johari managed to clearly explain the core of it in less than two minutes, good job Joe. (Joe is a tycoon, just in case that you didn't know. Not just an ordinary one, he is a big big towkay. Just remember him whenever you drink pepsi, miranda, F&N oren etc.,etc., he owns big chunk of share of the company, among other). Later he comes up with an excuse, the speech was delivered in a close door meeting. Here's the text in malay.

"...kemudian, tuan-tuan kena ingat

nak menang parlimen titiwangsa ini, kita ada 49,750 pengundi 49,750 pengundi 32,000 orang melayu 11,500 orang cina dan 5,500 orang india

nak tak nak 11,500 orang cina, 5,500 orang india ini adalah juga customer kita

nak tak nak saya dan juga rakan-rakan terpaksa berdepan dengan mereka

nak tak nak kita kena buat

tetapi saya punya approach, pandangan saya orang cina dengan orang india ni biarlah

saya akan handle this secara berasingan
dengan menggunakan seluruh jentera-jentera diperingkat atasan UMNO kita jangan usik

yang mana-mana benda yang saya boleh buat saya akan buat

tetapi orang melayu yang 32,000 ini yang perlu kita jaga

tuan-tuan, kalau tuan-tuan dapat 70% daripada 32,000 ini mengundi Barisan Nasional


saya nak tuan-tuan bersama-sama saya

kita nak menang parlimen titiwangsa ni kita nak orang melayu, kita nak orang melayu

jangan kita sembah orang-orang cina dan orang-orang india kerana sebab

kita nak menang, jangan"

Please use google language to translate the above text into your native language.

This is what Umno all about for ages. A malay-centric party. Johary implicitly said that actually they don't want the Chinese and Indians. The problem is, according to him, whether you wan't it or not, as they are here, what you need to do is to just take it as it is. But always, it is best to just leave them alone.

Officially there are three main ethnic group in Malaysia; malays, chinese and indians. But from the thinking thought of Umno there are only two of them; malay and non-malay, that contains chinese, indians and other ethnics.

So either you are in or you out. As simple as that.

The focus is malay, malay and malay; over and above anything else.

Imagine if you change the two words of **chinese** and ** indian** with any ethnics as long as it **non-malay**, you may start with iban & kadazan, orang asli and bidayuh, dusun & kelabit.

Isn't it scarry, this Umno?

Maybe it is part of their genes by now. And malay-centric already becames one of our national heritage, albeit a bad inheritance.

God Save Malaysia!

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  1. f**k this dumb johari fella. Doesn't matter with closed or open door meeting lah, your view is still your view. You think your batang will look different meh if you open or you close the door? it will still look like one stick and dua biji gantung-gantung bah. racist!!!


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