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Sabah isn't the poorest, can't it just NOT "poor"?

Written By kadayan chronicles on Tuesday, 16 November 2010 | 09:51

Now BN government of Sabah feels the heat of being poor. Even being poor isn't easy, really.

The previous report still hold to ground as it is not being retracted nor there is an apology from Jimenez until now. What we have here is just a denial from state's EPU.

It is the "misinterpretation of the third edition of MEM (World Bank Report)", according to Datuk Ismail Abdullah a must-be-somebody, but I-don't-know-him from state's EPU.

Ismail in such a haste, sound like he knows the MEM report better than World Bank's staff themselves. It is a "gross misinterpretation", he said. Ismail must be refering to World Bank Human Development Sector Director (East Asia and Pasific Region), Emmanuel Jimenez who was quoted in the news paper as saying that "Even though the level have gone down, the deep pockets of poverty are here in Sabah" and "Sabah has about 10 percent of the Malaysia population but more than 40 percent of all poor people in Malaysia live in Sabah".

Ismail then continues beating around the bush. According to him, there are actually a drastic reduction of incident of poverty from 50% in 1976 to 24.2% in 2004.

Yeah, that actually a hell lot of reduction, about 25.8%.

But with one problem. He was talking about the period of Said Keruak (1975 - 76) to Chong Kah Kiat (2003) in over 34 years. For the sake of conversation, let just call this as an itik period.

The concern actually is on last 16 years, when Sabah was already recognized as being the poorest state in Malaysia. To be precise, it is the period of 1994 - 2010, when BN took over the state' s administration by trickery and cheating means. At the time "vote BN for development" and everything-in-100 days kinda things were highlighted as high as the peak of mount Kinabalu. This, is an ayam period that we're actually talking.

Pity that while the talk is about ayam, he talks about itik. On how to compare these two different species, only god knows. I therefore suggest to Ismail to look into a longer period if he wants to see more convincing reduction rate of poverty in Sabah. How about starting from the period of North Borneo Chartered Company, 1881 - 2010? Statistically speaking, I believe the poverty reduction rate will be greater in 129 years.

Now, this is the most interesting fact. The incident of household poverty in Sabah, according to Ismail, has been reduced further from 24.2% in 2004 to 16.4% in 2009. You may question, why 2004, and or again, why not 1994? Just in case you don't remember, it is the year of Musa Aman became Chief Minister of Sabah. A CM that can reduce 7.8% in 5 years (2004 - 2009) at the rate1.56% annually, great. Masuk bakul angkat sendiri la.

Not the poorest, in compare to which states?

Should anybody says Sabah is not the poorest, it then needs to be compared some other states, or else it will just a baseless claim. Even I can claim that I'm the richest man in the planet, but the claim is without substance if it goes without proofs. And to prove that, at least I need to be compared with Bill Gates, Sultan of Brunei and the like. The same goes to Ismail,'s claim as he dare says that Sabah is not the poorest.

Lets look into state government publication projection on Sabah's level of poorness. The Outline Perspective Plan Sabah (OPPS) stated among other that "According to the Mid-term Review of the Sixth Malaysia Plan, Sabah will become the second poorest State in Malaysia in terms of per capita GDP if no corrective actions are taken".

So where are we now? The poorest, second poor or what?

Back to Ismail's "Sabah is not the poorest" claim, I wish to see Ismail to steps forward once again, this time along with a simple comparison table bearing the full ranking of 3 federal territories + 13 states = 16 states in Malaysia, if not it just a baseless claim without merit. I bet Ismail can do that as he is the top state economic planner.

Nevermind laa... poorest, second poorest, not the poorest; those thing point to the same thing, it means POOR.

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  1. cukup kuat kipas datuk ismail ni hahahahaha!!!!!!

  2. sabar ko ging, ini baru mosikin, bulum papa kedana lagi... banding somalia kita masi kaya bah.

  3. bawa brehat ging, masih lagi cukup makan bah kita di Sabah.

  4. nda boleh jga kira cukup-cukup makan pok. Kita patutnya kaya, bukan termiskin. Industri pelancongan kita hebat, ada Sipadan dsb, sampai 2juta pelancong setahun. Ada petroleum, koko, kelapa sawit, balak, dan bnyk lagi. Kita patutnya lebih kaya drpd. Terengganu, tapi nda, kita ke-2 termiskin selepas Kelantan. Kita mesti klaim harta kita, kalau nda kita dipijak-pijak sja. Bukan aku sokong pembangkang atau BN, tapi aku nda mo tgk Sabah dikasi main-main macam orang nda da otak. :(


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