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Sabah for Sabahans!

Written By kadayan chronicles on Friday, 5 November 2010 | 19:04

So, the people of Batu Sapi had spoken and the verdict had been delivered. They choose Barisan Nasional instead of Pakatan Rakyat, or SAPP. In Batu Sapi last night, it seems that fireworks wasn't necessary to celebrate BN success, the explosion of Musa's ego was enough to do the job. Speaking of ego, of course Yong and Ansari had to packed off with at least a blistering ego. each.

pix by malaysiakini

On the other hand, now people of Batu sapi people can enjoy reading this article anytime they want as the broadband coverage there reported to be good, thank to demise of the late Edmund Chong. A blogger said, a YB just have to die in order to benefit his people. Whatever.

What about the ever present issues that exist in every election, such as postal and phantom voters?

Hard to say, like cheating in poker games by having extra set of cards. The cheater can win every time because he controls the game. The only problem is other players are watching, and eventually there will be too many cards on the table, more than what it has suppose to be. Meaning, up to some point he can't cheat any longer.

A comfortable win for nevertheless, cheating or not. It is far beyond the strength of 1,500 odds postal voters that normally serves as a backup, just in case. Or may be this time BN was very sure of winning that they generously had given some of the postal votes to Ansari as a gesture, thats why Ansari got more than 3,000 votes.

Is slogan Sabah for Sabahans still valid?

Yes, it is, and always a valid issue. Only that for all this while, it was buried alive beneath Sabahans subconscious mind. It lays dormant because no one cares to become the taker, until SAPP rediscovers it.

Just think, 80% the first eight years of PBS's survival was heavily depending on it, the rest was leaning on the sentiment of kadazan-dusun. Never said it is null and void, PBS stand taller than everybody else in Sabah because it was firmly standing on the slogan, jangan jadi kacang lupakan kulit.

Because of the spirit of Sabah for Sabahans, Universiti Malaysia Sabah exists today.
Because of the same spirit, Sarawak's took the opportunity to established NTV7.

Whosoever willing to become a serious taker on the issue will undoubtly becomes noticeable on the spot, in this case it is SAPP who did it. Far from creating hatred among Malaysians, nor that it is unrealistic in today's context. It is forever relevant, as long as Sabah is part of Malaysia.

Quo vadis, SAPP? Sabah for Sabahans is still valid, but SAPP lost in Batu Sapi.

Well, its easy to pose questions and to analyse things that are already happened. Just look at a 4-digit result in the newspaper, anything that logical seems to be valid to form good combinations, but it isn't necessary make you rich.

I believe the lost is due to some reasons.

First, public are stunned with SAPP neo-interest for Sabah for Sabahan plight, and doesn't really know how to respond correctly. Public at large only heard about it on the eve of Batu Sapi election. Perhaps it meant to become the element of surprise, but it also left many Sabahans in confusion. Some even question the honesty of such move. Now that Batu Sapi election is over, SAPP need to address this as their main struggle to win the heart of majority of Sabahans.

Second, one must not undermine BN skill and knowledge as far as the Sabah for Sabahans issue is concerned. Since 1970s, Perikatan /USNO /UMNO /Berjaya /PBS /Barisan Nasional had came a long long way meddling trough it. They had tasted it both as the defender, and contender. PBS lived with the slogan for more than two decades. UMNO, on the other hand, had tried every known trick just to stop Sabahan from barking on the issue. Now that most of the remaining players are sitting comfortably in Barisan Nasional, they sure know how to deal with it to face just SAPP.

SAP does not come up with anything else yet, apart from pure sentiment and disgruntle. The slogan itself is closer to becomes slogan for the sake of slogan, just that. More groundworks necessary if SAPP wants to create impact especially toward the next general election. For goodness sake, do come up with a detail plan on how it wants to go about it so people will understand, instead of just saying it aloud or else people will think that it just a mere rethoric and simply disregard it.

None is happier than PKR...

Pity that Ansari only plunged twice into the sea. Seems every time he fell, he generates 1,500 votes. Twice means 1,500 x 2 = 3,000. Plunges the third time, the votes for PKR may increases to 1,500 x 3 = 4,500.

By now, PKR might thinks they have supporters more than SAPP. Wrong. Actually they have less supporters. Had it not because of DAP and Pas that eventually save it from humiliation, Ansari might had lost his deposit. See this picture.

pix by batusapi @ blogspot

I still believe that that PKR shouldn't even contest there. Please focus on the peninsula, strengthen your party and come back later to negotiate with SAPP. That's the gentleman's way of doing thing.

By the way, SAPP performance in Batu Sapi isn't bad at all, considering over 2,000 votes for it. SAPP is just a single entity, while BN consists of more than 15 political parties, and not less than 6 of them were in Batu Sapi, to assist PBS. It is 6-in-1 actually. And there are three parties in Pakatan Rakyat; PKR, Pas and DAP, so its 3-in-1. It never been a fair fight, neither its fair to assume a fairplay in any elections. Surely SAPP had taken this into consideration before joining the fray, weren't they?

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  1. Dear Sabah Brothers & Sisters

    Greetings from Sarawak!

    Wishing you success in your struggle to free yourselves from the colonial chains of Kuala Lumpur.

    Elections over the past 47 years have been an illusion to let the people believe they can participate in a sham democracy and in determining their destiny.

    You may win power one day but lose it quickly the next and you wake to find nothing has changed for the better. You are still chained to a foreign master.

    This has been happening to Sabah as in Sarawak over 47 years of "independence within Malaysia". In Sarawak we have had more or less 47 years of dictatorship of one party rule.

    Whether it be Sabah or Sarawak we have all seen how the corrupt politicians abuse their power to enrich themselves. Both our homelands have been plundered and laid bare by these criminals.

    We throw all our energy in the election game show but never getting anywhere. Without gaining power we cannot carry out positive political and social improvements for the majority of the people who are poor.

    Sabah and Sarawak were the biggest and most resource rich "states of Malaysia" in 1963. Now we rank among the poorest. We all know the reasons why. Our rich timberlands and oil and gas resources have been raped to enrich Kuala Lumpur and its puppet local regimes.

    How can we free ourselves from our bandage? Must we still continue to believe in elections as a way to change things? Are there other ways? We have to keep searching for the solution.

    With Best regards- Sabah for Sabahans! Sarawak for Sarawakians!

    Now Sabah has fallen directly into the grips of UMNO which has wasted not time to join in the plunder.


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