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Restoring faith in judicial system

Written By kadayan chronicles on Tuesday, 29 April 2008 | 08:48

Written by Amde S

I am no judge nor practicing lawyer at the moment. But I read law and I lecture law to students. And I am prompted to write this article as soon as I finished reading a sms from a friend asking about my views. His statement is this “Its Pak Lah who now reformed judiciary system back to be more dignified”.

He was referring to the front page article in our national paper of the day which reads “ Trust and justice” Its about the present government efforts to heal the wound of the country's judicial system which was smeared in the aftermath of the sacking of five Supreme Court judges in 1988.

The fives judges were sacked because they didn't dance to the tune of the chief executive of the country of the day. That was the impression of the majority of learned or less learned people in the country. But only handful would made it known openly to general public by virtue of our cultural habit or because of fear of repercussion from the above

I know many wouldn't agree including the former chief executive I mentioned, after all the later already denied several times that he was not responsible in the sacking the judges.

Could this mean that others recommended to him, in turned, as matter of academic he advised the Agong. We all know constitutionally how Agong must come into the limelight. Read full story from the source

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