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Sabah doesn't need JPPS!

Written By kadayan chronicles on Friday, 11 April 2008 | 18:59

Written by Arimi Sidek

Sabah doesn't need it in the first place. Sabahan don't need it in the past, now nor even in the future.

Fed budget shall be channeled out to state government, and let the state manage them at once. Parallel government is not necessary. At least this is what being practiced in other states.

As I said, no study required. No assesment necessary. I don't think there was a study of any kind ever conducted prior to it existence back in early 1990s.

JPPS exists merely because Fed wanted to punish Sabahans, because they let opposition in control of the state governance. And creating JPPS was easy. Fed simply sent a few government officers, let them find modest premise with some furnitures. Then, this department virtually in control of everything that concern Fed money in the state. Even Chief Minister need to consult JPPS from time to time! arimisideks.blogspot.com

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Frisco Celestial - Close Down JPPS |2008-04-11 22:12:00
Whatever the intention JPPS was set up for, this place bred corruptions at the highest order. The officials act like Little Napoleons and insists on making cuts from contractors.
There was even a case where one former Director who retired from JPPS but remained in Sabah and became chairman of a Constuction Co that got big jobs from JPPS immediately.

janting jingulam - Close down jpps |2008-11-18 23:48:50
Yes. I do agree tat there are bad apples among jpps officials. But since jpps close shop, where can we (Class F konrtaktor) cari makan? Now YBs are controlling everything.
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