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Gila punya kerajaan!

Written By kadayan chronicles on Friday, 6 June 2008 | 08:38

Written by Kadayan Journal

"Its terrible for me I have to commute to my kebun in Bukau every now and then which cost RM50.00 already every journey”

"Kita menderita dengan perangai kerajaan ini, kenapa MP Sabah masih tidur? Mau ikut kerajaan macam ini”

"Gila our government”

"Ini pemimpin orang KL, crazy kenapa kita mesti mau ikut dorang”

"Lepas ini minyak, tengguklah semua barang mesti naik punya. Rakyat tambah susah”

The government could have done it in a milder approach. I disagree the way they do it by surprising general public and giving no time for people to take up a depth breath.

Item such pet general petrol touches everyone, the spiraling hike on other items would soon about to follow. Full Story

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