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Mahathir's crude calculation of crude oil

Written By kadayan chronicles on Saturday, 7 June 2008 | 19:29

(hantulautan.blogspot.com) Subsidising the costs of petrol and diesel are no more feasible due to the high costs of crude oil. Continuing doing so would eventually take the nation to the road of insolvency.The price hike announced by the Prime Minister recently would also put a brake on smuggling that have rendered the nation massive economic losses.

Are we to believe all those hardball politics ? Many don't and it makes life difficult for Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

People like Anwar Ibrahim, estranged former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad and Pakatan Rakyat have vested interests to demonise Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.They should not be looked upon as guardian angels.They are the demolition squads.


kasisang - kenaikan keterlaluan |2008-06-08 10:49:30

kenaikan yang keterlaluan bah, walaupun macam macam alasan kerajaan untuk mewajarkannya, masih lagi masyarakat umum sukar untuk menerima

amde Sidik |2008-06-09 00:34:42
One thing we are sure is neither one opinion is absolutely right or absolutely wrong. That is why we need expert managers to manage our country. We all subscribed to doctrine of democracy (again depends on the extent of definition one wants to meant- another argument). Basically as long as majority are happy we settled with it. That would be the accepted norm. So we see here making people happy isn
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