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Yong Teck Lee - I'm with you

Written By kadayan chronicles on Monday, 23 June 2008 | 21:41

Written by Kadayan Banaa

Yong is a monkey king. Yong is a maverick frog. He is incapable leader, whatever. Maybe all those arguments are correct after all.

But as far as the illegal immigrant and oil royalty for Sabah are concerned, I'm with him.

I don't care what Yong's real hidden agenda is.

For Yong, anyway, I can describe him right away. He is a populist - an opportunist to some extend. But that is all right, as politics can be anything at all.

Even pure luck makes political stars. Take the example of Dr. Jose Rizal of the Philipines and Carlos Menem of Argentina. They came into limelight because the father won a lottery - that ensured them good footings, and good education, that enable them to became great politicians

In my view, Yong had arisen of what we need, and we need them since long time ago.

PBS hard liners had done that exactly, when they were in the opposition line. But they are rather disappointing for now; they are too preoccupied with Musa Aman and their BN counterpart. Gone with the day when they maintain some degree of honesty in dealing with Sabah's issues.

Yong is a populist; no need to hide facts about who he is. As a matter of fact, Sabah's politicians are all time populists. They aren't great ideologists the way Vladimir Lenin of Soviet, or, Mao Zedong of China did for their country.

Tun Mustapha perhaps was the charismatic populist ever known to Sabah. While Pairin is the situational populist that stuck right in the mind of many of us until now. These two leaders are worth mentioning. People probably still talk and talk about them long after their demise.

Perhaps, they had many good agendas while in the office. But they had bad agendas as well. Likewise, they are good and evil at the same time - its all up to us to judge.

And here' Yong. He had stepped in to highlight the plight of Sabahans. The steps will goes on, provided we support him.

Otherwise it just being washed away, such as in PBS case with the infamous 20 points.
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