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Shahrir, petrol new mechanism of what?

Written By kadayan chronicles on Sunday, 15 June 2008 | 17:55

Written by Arimi Sidek
Sunday, 15 June 2008

Revised text version - 17 June 2008.

I swallowed them all. But I found out most were hard to digest and until now; they are all stuck in my throat.

Shahrir Samad

When I first read Datuk Shahrir Samad's announcement about the federal government proposal, a 'new mechanism' to deal with the global fuel price increase, I imagine huge creativity.

On the next day after the announcement of new fuel price, government boasts that it ‘saves’ RM13.7 billion of money.

What a poor economists. And maybe the economic scarcity is at it peaks. Try to watch TV - at the critical situation like this, most of the time they turn to the same blind economics professor from the hospital bed to be interviewed Versi Bahasa Malaysia

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Politikus [via soc.culture.mal - Re: Petrol price hikes: Stupid move proposed by pe |2008-06-15 15:47:15
Politikus [via soc.culture.malaysia]

I think Pak Lah and his band of merry men were really felling lost,
can't cope with the changing economic situation....
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