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Najib is now "Bapa Kemiskinan"

Written By kadayan chronicles on Tuesday, 18 January 2011 | 19:54

Remember Barisan Nasional
Remember Barang Naik

And Sabahans status of living is going to slip further down. Way too low, to down under. It is the confirmation of being the poorest, among the poorest states in Malaysia, i.e. widening gap behind Perlis and Kelantan.

Ingat BN, ingat Gambar ini bah!
Satu Lagi Projek Kerajaan Barisan Nasional

Make no mistake about it. I'm not spreading lies around, only harsh and abusive words. If you don't believe of what I say, then ask Idris Jala. Last year he was quoted as saying that "Malaysia must cut subsidies, debt by 2019 or risk bankruptcy".Just asking ok, because if you want Jala to become your driver, he will cost you billions of ringgit.

First, Sabah is already being the poorest state in Malaysia due to BN trickery and empty promises for almost 17 years now. But no matter how bad, BN keep on winning in every election.

Secondly, for years, Consumer Price Index (CPI) of Sabah is the highest in Malaysia. It is generally somewhere between 12% - 20% in comparison to Peninsula. So the juxtaposition of RM1,000 monthly salary of Ahmad who works in KL and Asoe in Kota kinabalu means, the real income of Ahmad is RM1,000 but Asoe gets only somewhere at RM800 - RM880.

Lower, isn't it.

Now Najib keep on increasing fuel price. An increase at a time, but frequently. It doesn't require you to be a rocket scientist to understand that the price of other goods in the country will increase almost instantly. Means, the inflation rate will be higher as the result.

Guess where will the impact of inflation be more severe if it isn't in Sabah.

Najib's government, like Pak Lah's, hates subsidies too much. A bunch of e-CON-nomists in his planning department simply can't keep off their finger from the most important determinant of instant inflation of the country, the fuel price a.k.a fuel subsidies. And ugh, in order to generate additional income for the country, every year they go the easy way. It is the matter of increasing just liquors and tobacco tax.

But what if BN purposely keeping Sabahans poor, forever poor? Because for 17 year they had learned something very useful. That is, whatever bad things that they caused in Sabah, BN won in nearly every election so far. The key is to keep majority Sabahans living bin poverty, as simple as an a-b-c.. Simply offer nominal RM, nominal development, "now everyone can fly sawit", "fingers sawit lickin' good" Pak Kadok's style palm oil agro-transformation as disguise tokens, Sabahans are certain to grab them off at the first glance.

Gerenti tungap punya.

Poor people don't have much choice, don't they?

Najib has the 13 billion dollar head of 'kiJA' - the most fluent inglis (sic) speaking, subsidy fed orang ulu turns subsidy hater - on his side. A good combination of Orang Bandar + Orang Ulu, but at the same time he had just made the poorest Sabahan, poorer, *duh*.

Perhaps a kind of newly found glory beside his father, "Bapa Pembangunan", as he is now "Bapa Kemiskinan".

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  1. Ini suda tantu, memang palui punya org....


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