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Sabahans need better roads, not BOATS

Written By kadayan chronicles on Monday, 10 January 2011 | 11:32

Whether it is boat clinics or something else.

Just leave the boat clinic matter to Sarawak alone, please.

klinik najib

It is true that Sabah and Sarawak located in the same island of Borneo. But Sabahans never establish rivers as an important mode of transportation, far and wide, to the level of what Sarawakians is doing for as long as I can remember.

KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, the architect of the GTP, recently said the government would introduce the hybrid mobile boat clinic to the people in villages that were connected by rivers in Sabah and Sara­wak to provide medical checkups, medicine and advice to those living in areas inaccessible by land. Read here.

It maybe true to some part of the state i.e. in Kinabatangan area to some extend. Still, what those people there need after being part of Malaysia for nearly 48 years is actually a good road condition and permanent clinics, not boat clinics. Ask Yayasan Sabah first before pursuing with boat clinic briliant idea. If it deems suitable, wonder why on earth did they, 40 years ago until recently, came up with helicopter-clinics instead.

Or some maybe talking about the needs for boat clinics for Banggi inhibitants. But first, it will never be a river boat clinic, its a sea boat clinic. Thus it may requires a different kind of boats. Again, if someone is talking about boat clinics for Banggi, I hereby recall that some other leaders had been talking about on transforming Banggi into an agro-politan, the first, and one of a kind in Malaysia. And as a standard bearer of an agro-politan of Malaysia, doesn't it deserves more than just boat clinics?

Still the "architect of GTP" wanna talk about boat clinics onto the area such as in Nabawan, Sipitang or Kota Marudu? Please do come and pay us a visit first sir ...

Thats why, not boat clinics.
Shoo away boat clinics.

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  1. Bos, apa punya klinik bot ni? Cuba la hantar pigi salarom sana Nabawan atau long pasia, klinik bot jadi klinik pikul lah nanti, bot mana buli limpas

  2. I beg to differ bro. Sabahans need better government first, then come whatever boat or roads nevermind. Never trust Musa Aman, 2x5 with Harris Salleh.


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