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Ummi Hafilda Ali, Grocery Owner

Written By kadayan chronicles on Saturday, 15 January 2011 | 15:48

As a superbling, her siblings are non other Azwan Ali and Azmin Ali. Just look at their nose and you will sure agree.

Its Ummi Hafilda Ali, again.

Just in case that you don't remember, she was quite famous back in 1997 thanks to then Mahathir-Anwar liwat blingbling circus.

There are already countless blogs reporting on what she did since the last few days, therefore I don't want to mess up with heavy things on the blog anymore, as it will becomes a streotype and blog readers normally hate streotypes. Can't blame them though, if they wanna read that kind of articles they knew where to find, MSM are abundant with streotype news.

But now she is about to sue everybody around for the amount of RM700 millions.

So for a start, just focus on the picture above.

As you can see, there she is in 2011. A middle age woman wears half tudung, holding an old news paper in a place that appears to be some kind of grocery store with racks of grocery things.

Ohh, several bottles of kicap can also be seen. This is her battleground in a latest bid to save the nation. For RM700 million bid, isn't it looks like quite a cheap place?

An old paper, grocery racks, botol kicap, and herself in a picture; they are all but look dull and old. Wonder what she has been doing all this years. Is she a grocery owner or does she work in a grocery?

Ummi, as much as some of you may not like her,is quite blings herself. As a superbling, her siblings are non other Azwan Ali - a hyper TV-bling cum diva, and Azmin Ali - a PKR's bling. Just look at their similar, near perfect triangle shape nose and I think you will sure agree with that.

Thats how economic thing gets around, you need to become blingbling to get trough it. But whether it is blings that generate money, or money creates blings I am still not sure though.

The conspiracy theory goes around that Ummi made money out of it 13 years ago. But it was a long time ago. By now, it stand a good chance that the money already dries up. Hence she is nerve broken with the hell lot of insecurity feeling on how she feed herself in years to come. If thats being the case, wonder who generously become her sponsor this time ...

Save the nation as you please, powerpuff auntie. Even though with just an old newspaper as your weapon. Better save yourself la.

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  1. aku rasa ni mangkuk ni gila kuasa, nama dan harta ni....
    cerita yg lama dan dah basi mau diulang2 lagi.....
    memang mangkuk punya manusia ni

  2. what a b****!!



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