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Alamak, biadap, biadap....

Written By kadayan chronicles on Thursday, 27 March 2008 | 08:57

Written by giin buagas

Just two days ago, a kadayanchronicles.blogspot.com contributor, anak_semenanjung proposed a level playground between those who accused Lim Kit Siang “biadap” and those who had shown “disrespect” (a term used by PKR when they lodge a police report) in Terengganu.

It looks somebody had answer his prayer.

UMNO biadap - image

Pak Lah Concedes another defeat

During the meeting with the Agong, my sources told me, the PM was asked to explain how the RM1 billion "wang ehsan" was disbursed by the State Government under former Menteri Besar Idris Jusoh.

Since winning back Terengganu from PAS in 2004, the BN government has been paying the State Government some RM1 billion a year. RockyBru.Blogspot.Com
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