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Written By kadayan chronicles on Wednesday, 26 March 2008 | 13:55

Written by Kadayan Monitor

A professor asked me this afternoon of what I think about the current political situation in the country. But just before I was about to give the answer he gave me his. I thought of not answering at all, but I did.

The aftermath of the country’s 12th General Election which resulted BN ever disaster is here to stay and to be felt.

"I don’t think the Government Ministers and the YBs feel comfortable sitting on their chairs, I think anything can happen these days” he said.

I concurred with him.

On my part, I’d better believe my instinct.

Let me say this, talk all over the place, high and low about that the country is having leadership problem- this is general public impression surely different from the cabinet or even the new YBs' who are just voted in.

You see a few days ago, there was a little hope, that is before the members of cabinet were announced. In other words, people were hoping new line up of leaders would be able to restore rotten image it had, therefore, expected leaders that have more oomph emerged.

But it was a sort of anti climax, just as what the PM did in his last the so called cabinet reshuffled in 2004.

Reading from people's reactions I met on the street. (Don't ask me how I read it? I just followed my instinct)

People's hope dashed, moment they knew the line up. Many asked who was or who were advising PM?

Now I have another imagination, it looks people have more faith in the appointment of Menteri Besar and their Exco members in the five States controlled by the Opposition than those controlled by the winner, BN.

Can we not think and imagine again, how difficult it were choosing MB in the two states controlled by BN Government- Perlis and Terengganu.

It looks the cardinal mistake is repeated again here. Rakyat want someone of their own choice to become the MB, someone who they think can lead the country to prosper not to bankruptcy.

A collison of choice between the people's choice and the choice of the institutionalised political leaders.

Just ponder for a moment, whose choice is correct, the rakyat or the leaders?

Well, since that Professor wants to know my view, and my view is this, the cabinet minister line up doesn't look credible enough to change the image of rotten BN.

Appointing Ministers from back door when there isn't a need because others are available, wouldn't support the logic on the question of tramming the number of cabinet for the purpose of reducing cost.

Big mistake, Sabah and Sarawak the anchor of BN survival deserved to be given attention – any one notice? most Government Ministers are from Johore. Johore probably didn't ask for it, but wise decision usually comes from wise leader.

Attention to opposition political parties, BN is going to be the next opposition party by the next General Election so long as you people play your card right, walk the talk, learn quickly and don't be crazy like BN men, you are heading in a right direction. Good Luck.

This article bears the personal view of the author and does not necessarily reflect the view of kadayanchronicles.blogspot.com on the matter - Kaawai Tanah.

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