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Something seriously gone wrong!

Written By kadayan chronicles on Tuesday, 25 March 2008 | 13:57

Written by Kadayan Monitor

Can someone of Trengganu origin please confirm what natang means?
Can it have meaning other than animal as cited here?

Natang banner 1 - image

If it is confirmed as only reference to binatang, I am sorry to say, these people as gone way too far! Let's invoke ISA on em, isn't this considered a threat to national security?

Looks like UMNO is adopting red as their official banner color, seen in Penang and now in Trengganu.

Natang Banner 2 - image

BTW, yesterday I saw Bernama TV news, not a single word about Trengganu crisis at 8 pm TV3, how come you didn't show scores of Ahmad supporters who gathered to welcome him at Kijal?

Please Agong has decided, and the decision shall remain.
UMNO , accept it or call for by election NOW!
Let the people of Trengganu redecide!

This is something very serious; we in Sabah don’t feel the heat to that poster, because we don’t see close up in personal and more so we don’t quite understand it. The pix and remarks above (unedited) were taken from Malaysia Today.

But I am sure something is not right up here. BN government has always been saying time and time again DEMONSARATION like this is not Malaysian culture! But what is this? Who are these people, aliens?

I am sure if this demo was activated by Opposition political parties’ members they were already bundled up to police station if not prison.

I am sure the police are ever ready to shoot them with water cannon.

I am sure the FRU is ever ready with their gear-any new Russian weapons, on this; you may have to ask the Deputy Prime Minister!

Something is not right. Why no one says something to resolve the issue only PM can say? Surely you leaders are not right!

It’s the UMNO people in power who are messing up! Not the ordinary members, not the political party-the party itself is not human it can’t say anything.

Folks! Learn this by hard. We want a change, and until change is taking place we demand the country to be governed by human.

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