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Petra the example?

Written By kadayan chronicles on Friday, 9 May 2008 | 16:05

Written by Amde sidik

Raja Petra at last agreed to post bail and out of the Sungai Buloh jail by tomorrow.

When think of the amount, what is of RM5, 000.00? One can argue about what’s in Petra’s head. Let him keys in the keyboard for us to see.

Petra - Pix MalaysiaKini

Petra exemplified, this is what we meant we would do when we say we would.

Many years ago in England an old lady was fined for not paying TV license, something less than ten pounds. She refused to pay for reason she believed that the authority was being unreasonable. She went to prison, she had many sympathizers still she refused donations.

They are people need reminder especially the younger ones.

Most people are fearful even to think let alone doing. Their minds and bodies are coerced. Too used to think, that the only correct way to think is thinking like what the UMNO leaders want them to think.

Petra shows there is other way of expressing discontent. But since the government has tailored made law, the price is high. This is where not many dared. Leaving it to the powerful they would forever-complacent living in their seven heavens forever forgetting their promises.

There is nothing wrong in thinking differently, in some instances even doing differently; the point is it achieves the same objectives. It reminds me reading a book by Feynman. He taught his son mathematic at home by short cut. One day he was called by one of the teachers of his son querying that his son probably was cheating. The son has always got correct answers but couldn’t explain how he worked out. That teacher didn’t realize not until later that the father was a Nobel Lureate in physics. It means they are many ways of doing thing, which achieve similar objectives.

Back to Petra I could imagine how Marina feels as a wife after all the unpredictable of him. I bet it must be wife that changed his mind not to prolong his visit at that Sungai Buluh, and his fast. One last word, one really has the courage to endure the torture at his age.

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