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Same bed, different dreams

Written By kadayan chronicles on Thursday, 8 May 2008 | 16:02

Written by Shim

The problem with Pakatan Rakyat ( PR ) is that, the three component parties, namely Keadilan (PKR), PAS and DAP did not share a common agenda and political struggle. Anwar is just as crazy for political power because he was denied that chance when he was victimized by Dr. Mahathir.

DAP’s political dream was to rule Penang and to deny two-third (2/3) majority of BN in Parliament. Now LIM is very content and satisfied. DAP has achieved their political agenda.

However, ANWAR and PAS are still dreaming day and night because they still have yet to achieve their personal and party political agenda. ANWAR is still campaigning aroung the nation telling the rakyat that PR is the only choice. PAS did not give up their aim to turn Malaysia into an Islamic State. I want to remind the very basic reason why BN failed. It is because the people rejected the party that emphasized too much political talk along racial and religious sentiments. The rakyat need a multi-racial political party. PAS is crying for an Islamic State, do not respect the religions of other people.

These three component parties within the coalition of PR are sharing the same political bed, but still have different dreams and political agenda.

If ANWAR really has the heart of Malaysia and fear of GOD, please stop whatever you are doing to woo people to cross over to PR. You are just anxious to be the new PR’s Prime Minister only. You seems not to respect the wishes and decisions of your fellow Anak Malaysia because they voted wisely with the wisdom given by GOD.

I have a Malaysian Dream similar to MARTIN LUTHER KING who has in the 1960s dreamt that one day, all Americans irrespectively of colour will be given equal treatment and position in USA. It is my dream to see that Malaysia will have a place for every Anak Malaysia. Our first Prime Minister Tengku Abdul Rahman has promised that legal right. In fact, we are all equal, because in the eyes of our GOD, every one of us are equal

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