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Putera UMNO Website GONE!

Written By kadayan chronicles on Monday, 19 May 2008 | 15:57

Written by giin buagas

What else can you see if it is not the sign of trouble?

Normally, when you are in a terrible state of focus or, you are deeply involved with something, you tend to drift away with it. You will forget about most other things …

Putera UMNO Website has gone

Now, Putera UMNO doesn’t care about their web site any longer. Their website is GONE!

It is definitely not normal for a formal and a big entity such as Putera UMNO to let their website expiration gone unnoticed.

Putera UMNO Website expired

What is happening to those outspoken and restless souls in Putera UMNO, I wonder. So now, mat rempit thing is tinggal kenangan. Maybe the “Pelapis UMNO” now had already became “berlapis-lapis”.

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