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Poor Invalid Dictator!

Written By kadayan chronicles on Wednesday, 21 May 2008 | 19:24

(malaysia-today.net)There is one thing that Mahathir and his son do not seem to understand, we no longer want them! In reality, even UMNO is no longer acceptable or valid.

Finally the dictator left the Party!

If this tactic is merely to divert the attention about how he meddled with the appointment of judicial officers during his time as the prime Minister, I guess he should perhaps deploy a better tactic, perhaps hara-kiri. After all, he advocated ‘Look East’ policy.


What makes Mahathir think he is any different from Badawi. Factually, Badawi has been emulating Mahathir’s administration except that Badawi is not the man that Mahathir is. What holds Badawi from taking any actions against Mahathir does perplex me. However, I am least surprise if all the restrains are primarily due to Mahathir holding black books of these leaders. However, Mahathir forgets that he too has a black book which many are perceptible. As a matter of fact, Mahathir’s book is indeed an open secret to the Malaysian society. F


Frisco Celestial - Si Luncai |2008-05-21 22:03:03
Si Luncai terjun dgn Labu-labunya
Biarkan... biarkan
When Mahathir passed the baton to Pak Lah, there were many cakes bundled in the baton that he expected Pak Lah to look after in his interests. But for Pak Lah who seemed to have waited too long for him to go.. thought he may have wanted the cakes to himself. That's why Mahathir cried fowl. With the Linghams case hovering over his head, Mahathir can no longer hide. He has to distract our attention. What the heck.. we'd like to see what the sandiwara's ending is gonna be. Hopefully the typiccal villain will be brought to the book, the hero is someone he had victimised...
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