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Hamid: Sabahan now heads state NRD

Written By kadayan chronicles on Friday, 10 October 2008 | 10:07

Written by TaSigung Tia

KOTA KINABALU (STAR): A Sabahan now heads the state National Registration De­partment, which is embroiled in a controversy over the reclassification of several bumiputras as permanent residents.

Deputy state Immigration director Datuk Abdul Jaffear Henry assumed the top post from Abdul Rahmand Mohd Nor on Monday, Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Ha­­mid Albar said.

At last, Hamid did a decent move. But isn't enough to settle citizenship downgrades 'technicality' as more of similar cases are unearthed, such as this

So first thing first, downgrades 'technicality' needs fast solution. Give back their citizenship!


Pangait |2008-10-10 18:45:17
Harap jangan jadi angat2 taik ayam..untuk jaga durang punya fixed deposit..
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