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Written By kadayan chronicles on Wednesday, 29 October 2008 | 15:29

(various bloggers) Taib is known to throw screaming and shouting tantrums even in the State Assembly

(thebrokenshield.blogspot.com) PBB is indeed the biggest bully in Sarawak ~ ref Malaysiakini

Voices of dissent among component parties of the Barisan Nasional are becoming loud and clear now against the 27-year old administration of Abdul Taib Mahmud. Leaders of Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP), for example, have been grumbling over the way the party has been treated over the appointment of the mayor for Kuching south city council. The appointment of mayor usually comes from SUPP, and its failure to retain the post had become an issue in the 2006 state election contributing perhaps to the loss of six seats to the Opposition. This has made SUPP unhappy.

In Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS), some leaders have expressed unhappiness with the way Taib has handled the PRS crisis. Since Larry Sng has been expelled from the party, PRS leaders want him replaced as assistant minister. But Taib still retains Larry.

(sarawakheadhunter.blogspot.com)This of course is still pretty tame stuff and Taib is known to throw screaming and shouting tantrums even in the State Assembly and use coarse and vulgar language when he doesn't get his way or he thinks people are not listening to him. He has for example even screamed "keparat" at Abang Jo at the top of his voice. Sarawakians will know what a great insult this is in Sarawak Malay, but Abang Jo being the coward that he is of course swallowed this grave insult, which any true-blooded male would have at least punched the daylights out of Taib Mahmud.

Considering himself to be the smartest of all Sarawakians (or at least wanting to give that impression, possibly a result of trying to make up for what is known as "short man syndrome"), Taib Mahmud has never bothered to allow anyone else to express any opinion except what he wants to hear, normally in sycophantic, obsequious and abject agreement with him - just like a feudal lord.


Anonymous |2008-11-04 03:40:11
everyone suka ''cucuk'' b*rit taik mahmud....tak heran pun...klu x dgr ckp taik mahmud.....no money la jwb nya....
i dun care what race or religion is my CM...as long as he's not taik mahmud....

say no to TAIK MAHMUD....

deepo - taik mahmud |2008-11-04 03:43:15
yah...say NO to TAIK MAHMUD
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