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Abdullah's Art of War

Written By kadayan chronicles on Sunday, 13 July 2008 | 20:10

(hantulautan.blogspot.com) Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has done it. He has delivered his master stroke.

The handing over to Najib delayed to June 2010 would give him enough time to consolidate his position, rebuild confidence and keep away would be contenders from the fray.Sun Szu would be proud of his military like strategy.


As well as being intellectually smart, Anwar is also a cunning creature, he took his case of sodomy to the Sharia Court, where the accuser would be required to produce 4 adult witnesses.Your guess as good as mine where this Islamic judicial edict stands in today's society as far as practicality is concerned.


Pangait - Najib? |2008-07-15 16:59:51
Gosh! Not him please. I can't be sure he will make it.
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