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Mercedes: The stupid, dumb and dumbest

Written By kadayan chronicles on Sunday, 27 July 2008 | 10:47

Written by balingkasa

It was so stupid for Terengganu's government to purchase 14 Mercedes Benz. It was also so insensitive. Most Malaysians are suffering from exorbitant inflation since the past two months, due to federal government decision to increase the fuel price. And here they comes, abandoning cheaper Perdanas for luxury Merc.

Mercedes bergaya

Pix from The Star

The purchase was highlighted in newspapers last week and it becomes national issue, prompted federal officials to discuss it.

Terengganu' Ahmad Said came up with dumb excuse, Merc is cheaper to maintained in a long run. How long is long run when the price of a Merc three times of a Perdana.

He cited 18 year lifespan based on MB's Merc experience.

But there is no way Merc be cheaper when we actually can buy two new Perdanas if the previous one rendered unusable and the price is still cheaper in compare to the single Merc. The maintenance cost of every car is low on the first five years. All perdana parts are cheaper than Merc. It is just a dumb excuse to have luxury daily travel.

Pak Lah and Najib had came up with the final decision - they said. Now the Merc is reserved only for foreign guests. RM3.4 million, 14 cars and they will stay idle most of the time - in other word underutilized.

This is the dumbest solution ever!
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