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PBS becomes garbage collector

Written By kadayan chronicles on Tuesday, 15 July 2008 | 22:55

Written by balingkasa

PBS is nothing more than a bunch of pathetic and phased out politicians.

Its a total dismay to see that PBS is going to be like this. They were my hero, in the past. PBS leaders were vocal enough to represent Sabahans, they walk the talk. But like I said, that was PBS in the past, not at present.

PBS had been transformed ever since. And the transformation of transformer robot is tiny in comparison to PBS. It is just an outer transformation of the robot, from the shape of homo sapien into anything such as truck, aircraft, tank, etc., but it is still of the same robot.

PBS is having a near complete metamorphosis stage at present, from being the champion of Sabahans into a mere garbage collector.

This is the ageing state, made no mistake about it. So old that PBS leaders are behaving like toothless lions. Since they can't haunt anymore, they just wait and fed on anything that sneaks out of the bush. PBS needs Raymond Tan as he is an MP.

It means additional strength. By having Tan they expect more MPs in number, more to bargain, and more they can get eventually. Hey you, PBS leaders, deya people ever learn how to live a decent life?

PBS willing to take Tan

Kota Kinabalu: Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) is willing to consider accepting Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) Deputy President Datuk Raymond Tan if he becomes partyless.

PBS Chief Information Officer Johnny Mositun, who is also State Assembly Deputy Speaker, said in this situation PBS has always opened its door to those who subscribe to the party and BN's struggle and principles.

"PBS leadership is likely to consider the application by Tan if he wants to join us," he said when contacted in Kuala Lumpur where he is attending the re-branding of BN function.

Tan, who is a Deputy Chief Minister, had objected to his party president Datuk Yong Teck Lee's move to support the motion of no confidence against the Prime Minister.

There were also talks that due to his dissenting views, Tan might be thinking of joining other BN component parties considering that action could be taken against SAPP for its move.Daily Express

Yes, I consider Datuk Raymon Tan is a political garbage if he walks away from SAPP just like that.

There is nothing wrong with Yong Teck Lee recent disgruntles with BN as far as Sabahan rights are concerned. Since I don't have telephatic ability to explore what is in Yong's mind or the ulterior motive in his endeavors, I just take it as it is – that he is doing it for the Sabahans, us.

So it goes like this. Yong was saying something,i n our favour. Then Tan seems shy away from it, and PBS is waiting – OMG, are we on safari haunting trip?
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