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Is Anwar Ibrahim Above The Law?

Written By kadayan chronicles on Tuesday, 15 July 2008 | 20:13

(hantulautan.blogspot.com) Malaysians in general and the Western media in particular would make a hero out of Anwar Ibrahim even if he is defiant of the law.

Is Anwar above the law or does he thinks he is above the law?

Is he to be treated differently from other ordinary Malaysians? What makes he thinks he has immunity from being issued with an order to present himself at the police station for questioning? Are they not just excuses to provoke the police to arrest him so we Malaysians can make a hero out of him.

He is no Nehru,Ghandi or Mendela. If he had been selfless and as noble as those three gentlemen I would have great respect and sympathy for him, but he is not.His thirst for power has passed the threshold of decency, it's pure greed and self-glorification.


Pangait - Time to Change |2008-07-15 16:50:10
BN has had 40 wonderfull years since May 13 1969 to instil fear amongst the rakyat and ruled the country by coalition of race based parties. Today the rakyat have grown tired of this old system and wants to go on and settle issues together as united Malaysian of the same Malaysian race. We are observing the rakyat readiness to forgo the race based parties and move into PR which wants issues of mutual interests be settled. The old guard in BN is uncomfortable with this new era and they want to deny this from happening. That is why Anwar is their greatest fear. They want him stopped at all costs. Can they be successful? We'll wait till the next election. To me it's time to change! Even in the US a black man may soon be the president because the people want change.
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