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Whoa, Najib is the most caring DPM of all time

Written By kadayan chronicles on Friday, 4 July 2008 | 22:34

Written by Kadayan Banaa

Najib said Anwar's accuser Saiful Bukhari Azlan, 23, went to his house in a few days before lodging the police report on Saturday.

Najib Razak - the most
caring DPM of Malaysia

Yesterday, Najib Razak, the deputy prime minister, said Mr. Azlan had turned to him for help. "There is no conspiracy. The boy came to my house to complain to me that he was sodomized by Anwar," he said.

"Initially I was skeptical. He needed help because he was so traumatized." NationalPost

I'm not fanning anything, nor that I intentionally implanting hatred toward Najib, the most caring DPM of Malaysia.

But I feel very hard to imagine how a mere boy, a nobody, can go straight to deputy prime minister of Malaysia to report that he was sodomized by somebody.

Alright, you do not agree with me. He is not just a boy, not a nobody then. He is somebody with good leadership skills, and with some education.

But why he did went to deputy prime minister house to report a criminal offence. Sorry, but I think he picked up a wrong place. I think he should report it to a police station. Or met a psychiatrist if he was deeply traumatized. Or a counselor. Or Biro Bantuan Guaman. Or, any places else, but definitely not to deputy prime minister.

If it is so easy to met and to seek assistance from deputy prime minister - I would like to see him too, I am by far too traumatized by the unbelievable petrol hike since last month.

And how to address him; Datuk Seri, Najib, abang? Saiful, please tell me.

jangan liwat sini - It even more shocking than the sodomy news itself! |2008-07-04 16:45:28

really, this has more shocking element than the sodomy case itself.

Is it so easy to met Najib????
anti kj |2008-07-05 13:54:34
in fact , najis works as sodo mee assault victim couselor , sometime he can also balance the victim heart by teaching them how to sodo mee other woman . hahhaaa

anti kj |2008-07-05 13:57:12
this is only part time job , no pay one .
other part time job included military equipment middle man /that one he got his main income le .otherwise how to afford to attend the diamond exhibition in singapore , all are more than few milions one oh

anti kj |2008-07-05 13:59:08
oh almost forget , he is also provide the scholarship to those school drop out , specially those with poor result only . may be he himseft a poor grade student before and he is kasihan budak lemah tu . how glad we has a great leader
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