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Mawi bearded in uniform - PDRM & work of art

Written By kadayan chronicles on Friday, 18 July 2008 | 10:23

Written by balingkasa

Instead of asking statement from Mawi, its time for police personnels to learn more about works of art - writing, filming, drawing, and the concept of fiction.

Asking Mawi to give statement to police station just because of his act in a fiction film is deemed unnecessary.

2nd Revised text version, 08 Aug 2008
1st Revised text version, 18 July 2008

I think PDRM needs to differentiate between documentary genre and other types of work of art that based on creative imagination. There are strong reasons for PDRM to be strict if KRU and Mawi did it in documentary, but not in a fictious story / film.

Maybe not only PDRM personnels, many still confuse about the concept of fiction.

Many Sabahans were disgruntled when Abu Bakar put the wrong name to a wrong place in his work "Orang Kita" a few years back.

Some Peruvians were infuriated with the latest "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Cryystal Skull" - Indiana Jones sequal about magical skull legend in Latin America. It misportrays some elements of the peruvian culture, they claimed.

In short, many want storytellers - author, director, actor - to portray every factual details, acurately inch by inch, without distortion whatsoever.

But the truth is, all these are useless in fictions.

There are afterall, fictions.

I can rename pulau Gaya as pulau Labuan and put it somewhere in Sarawak shores while at the same time change the name of Sarawak into Johor, for example.

Or I can rename Philipino illegals in Sabah as Kuala Lumpur illegals in El Salvador, or put Pak Lah picture and called him as Bradd Pit.

I can do that, as they are fictious characters and places in my fiction and fictious plot.

As I am not filming the documentary, my story can be anything. It may and or may not be based on facts in real life. The validity of names and facts in my fiction should not be put into question.

Fiction can be anything at all. Look it "The Matrix" films. How can you question the validity of computing technology that treated human being as slave and as a mere battery? Or the super ability of Neo the lead character ?

We just can't.

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