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Anwar's plot, Yong's story and Sabah's MPs

Written By kadayan chronicles on Thursday, 7 August 2008 | 12:12

Written by balingkasa

Yong is going nowhere, Sabah's MPs get stuck at the liwat-gate?

Politics always comes in complete package. It comes along with actors, heroes and crooks, story's plot, the beginning and the ending of the story.

That is what happening now at national level. Since the last general election, oppositions are in aggression or, attack mode leaving BN of no choice than to be defensive. Opposition had some kind of regroup process, and had positioned themselves under the leadership of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, as the supremo.

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The ultimate target will be on 16 Sep 2008. On the date, Barisan Alternatif power takeover shall be completed, that whats they say. It is a high target, with a single method that isn't meant to be secret at all. Anwar talked about massive crossover plan, with at least 30 of BN MPs including Sabah and Sarawak MPs.

Thinking along this line and we can see how confusing Yong Teck Lee is. His story is just like a pop-up ads, without plot. He made up a good intro, but lack of direction and traits. He doesn't even possess personality trait that prevents his two deputies from showing any cracks at all.

Maybe Yong just wants to make noise so he can lives in a momentary bling-bling. No crossing, he said. No jump over, and no no-confidence motion so far. Therefore, assumming there is no punishment from Pak Lah, so, there will be nothing, no nothing. How far Yong will goes this way then? I say, he goes nowhere.

But hello, what date is today? Tomorrow is the date that Anwar supposedly said something about Sabah's MPs .

Will there be any crossing at all or, all Sabah's MPs stuck in front of the liwat-gate?


Kadayan Journal |2008-08-07 18:29:34
Not necessarily true unless you're politician involved, the rest is guessing.
In politic no body is telling the absolute truth especially to your opponents.
Yong is charting a course for Sabah,if it works he will be the hero, everyone wants to share with. If he doesn't how many care. But at the moment go and line up all Sabah YBs if you can find one sneaking his neck out. Yet many say discontent only good for doing nothing, is this good for Sabah?

joe tan |2008-08-26 16:37:36
yong teck lee is a clown lah
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