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Written By kadayan chronicles on Monday, 18 August 2008 | 21:07

Not sure what he is up to, but this is the latest posting in his blog. Seems that he is on something there...

If Permatang Pauh, springboard to a new government?

The Kadayan Journal blogger is in his way to Permatang Pauh. He would be posting some of his observations here-what he sees and hears related to the by election.

Day 1

(kadayanjournal.livejournal.com) August 15th

I was in KL; I picked a taxi from Medan Tuanku going somewhere to Jalan P Ramlee.

I like talking to taxi drivers. I usually did this in the past if I wanted to feel people’s sentiment on the ground. It’s a crude method of doing a sampling but that’s the cheapest and the easiest. They (drivers) would talk and answers your questions. Regardless the ethnic and religion, they are usually friendly.

The Malay and Indian would talk very freely. But I have no problem with the Chinese too once they feel safe to talk. I would start with introducing myself. I would continue appreciating their profession and taking interests in human, meaning, I hate injustices and unfairness. I would tell them a little bit about my experience, exposure, and place I visited but avoid of being considered pompous. I want them to think that I’m seeking their valuable views. They know more than me. They will tell you

Today I talked to one, a Malay taxi driver, in less than five minutes he started talking as if we were friends for ages. He hated people who park the cars rampantly flouting the by laws in the city. He said 90% of the cars are expensive cars like Mercedes and BMW. To him the owners must be rich and powerful people. They are corrupt; they must BN people, without reservation he said, wait until Anwar Ibrahim becomes Prime Minister, and he will clean this up. Thus I know he is for Pakatan Rakyat.

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