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Is Anwar the Victim of Dirty Politics?

Written By kadayan chronicles on Thursday, 7 August 2008 | 20:26

(hantulautan.blogspot.com) The recent accusation by his aide of being sodomised by him again got him screaming a frame-up, accusing the government of trying to fix him and destroying his chance of taking-over the government.

The accuser had been seen visiting theDPM's (Deputy Prime Minister) house before he lodged a police report. The DPM who initially denied of knowing the boy later admitted to have actually met him in his house to console him over his predicament.

The government is walking the tightrope as the whole world is watching its case against Anwar.

Even if he is charged he should not be deprived of his democratic rights to contest the by-election. He is innocent until proven guilty.

Now, can the general public be blamed for buying Anwar's story even if there was no conspiracy.

The outcome will be translated at Permatang Pauh.


Pangait - It all adds |2008-08-08 15:45:08
Come 16th Sept, Sabah will celebtare a renewed Merdeka Date, or will she? This is the worst dream date BN can think of. BN wishes this date will not come. Come what may, BN must block DSAI at all costs. Yeah! It costs the country time and fortune already. The whole world has seen more than what has been seen of the Wayang Kulit put up by BN. We are tired. Too tired! When can we begin our normal life of ekking a living without seeing injustice done. Pray,Change must come!
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