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Najib is a Bugis from Sulawesi!

Written By kadayan chronicles on Sunday, 24 August 2008 | 13:21

Written by balingkasa

So how do you feel about it - Its ridiculous isn't it. Najib is NOT a Bugis, at least not a fullblooded Bugis as you may know, and as I knew it.

But the latest Statutory Declaration (SD) twist about Najib is way beyond the tolerance limit, even for myself.

This time it is the DPM again (Deputy Prime Minister), the target of intense propaganda machine that's out to end his political career.

Revised text version, 24 August 2008.

(hantulautan.blogspot.com) The frivolous SD was a sworn statement of Thagarajoo, an ex-driver to Kenneth Esrawan, a close friend of Najib, declared that Najib is a Muslim by birth but a Hindu by practice.

NAJIB: MUSLIM BY BIRTH, HINDU BY PRACTICE That same day, Thagarajoo a/l Thangavellu also swore, through a Statutory Declaration, that Najib and his wife, who may be born Muslims, are practicing Hindus. Would, therefore, Najib’s oath, performed the so-called ‘proper’ Islamic way, be valid after all?

I can accept if someone made an SD that Najib is a Jew (IS Najib a Jew?). Or maybe he is a desperate atheist that mocks our Holy Quran.

I would believe them ten times more. But not a Hindu.

Our ancestors may be hindus too, that is the undeniable fact of our past. But Judging from all customary residuals that still persist in our society today, I do not wish to belittle my hindu friends by nodding bought to Thagarajoo's statement. I say, Hinduism is TOO complicated for Najib!


aimmann |2008-09-13 20:48:18
Hidup Daeng Najib.... Lepaas ni banyak lah macai-macai yang kejar Dato.. Nak habuan dalam bentuk apa pun. Biasalah habis gelap timbul terang.. Ada siang ada malam.. Apa nak kecoh-kecoh Najib dari manapun tak kan dia dari angkasa lepas. he he he..

Kadayan Indon |2008-09-17 20:45:38
Hantap jua iski si aimmann ani banaa...
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