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Yes, Malaysia-Today had been blocked

Written By kadayan chronicles on Friday, 29 August 2008 | 10:15

Written by balingkasa

It is inaccessible via standard browser as on 11.17am MYT

REVISED [TEXT], 29 Aug 2008.

UPDATE [info [28 Aug, 2008.: MALAYSIA-TODAY.NET is blocked by SuruhanJaya Komunikasi dan Multimedia Malaysia (SKMM / MCMC). Reasons for blocking; insensitive, no-hold-barred & seditious

However The Star claims that Malaysia Today is okay if you surf from its mirror, which is true , as the block is limited to malaysia-today.net domain only. The other way to surf RPK website is by using proxy websites.

And when RPK gets angry over the issue, I think he did not over reacted at all. He has every right to became mad, if he is slanderous go and arrest him, sue him, why just block a web site when he can easily creates another in a matter of minutes?

Malaysia-Today is really inaccessible unless you browse from the alternative [temporary] domain name mt.harapanmalaysia.com.

This restriction is being made so Malaysia Today website is inaccessible only from within Malaysia.You still be able to steadily browse Malaysia Today via Proxy Link such as this.

Click the above graphic to browse Malaysia-Today via proxy link

I wonder who is behind this childish move. It is easy to block RPK website, or any other site - this is really 'kacang' one. But it doesn't serve any purpose as there are thousands RPK clones, look-alikes, stand alone and lone rangers still out there.

To silently ban malaysia-today.net is stupid.

I have a better proposal, if they (I don't know who they are) really want to effectively ban bloggers, ban ONLY two of the most influential 'bapak' blogs; that are blog providers!



and they will have 80% ban success rate.

See if they dare ....

This article linked to malaysiakini.com


sah kena ban! - sah kena ban! |2008-08-28 15:10:44
SKMM sekat akses 'Malaysia Today'
Aug 27, 08 8:58pm
Suruhanjaya Komunikasi dan Multimedia Malaysia (SKMM) hari ini mengambil tindakan yang jarang-jarang berlaku dengan menyekat blog kontroversi Malaysia Today.

"Ia dihalang kerana didapati beberapa komen dalam laman web itu tidak senstitif, tiada batas dan menghasut," kata ketua pegawai operasi badan itu Mohamed Sharil Tarmizi.

Sehingga jam 7 petang, Malaysiakini mendapati blog itu masih tidak dapat dilayari menggunakan tiga pembekal khidmat internet (ISP) utama.
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