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PATI Keningau (Sabah) Lintang pukang lari masuk hutan

Written By kadayan chronicles on Monday, 18 August 2008 | 15:14

Written by Dusun-Non-Grata
Monday, 18 August 2008

Haa, ini berita yang tidak berapa siok dingar. Sikarang ada operasi di Sabah, PATI pigi batapuk masuk hutan. Ndak lama lagi diorang bakampung sana rimba.

Jadi tambah masalah. Dulu diorang cuma di bandar dan di kampung-kampung.

Sikarang sampai rimba pun diorang ada suda!

Keningau illegals believed to be hiding in jungle

Keningau (daily express): Of the thousands of illegal immigrants detected in the Keningau-Tenom districts, only a handful were caught during the recent four-day large scale operation by Special Task Force (STF) personnel.

The operation, from Aug. 13 16, involved some 100 personnel concentrating on plantations, contract workers, factories, coffee shops and supermarkets.

An STF officer declined to offer comments, saying that only the STF Director or the Chief Minister, was empowered to disclose the exact number of foreigners caught.

With the number of illegals rounded up not to expectations, some observers believe they had been warned of an imminent operation would be carried out in the Interior Division, beginning Aug 13.

This might have prompted the aliens to seek shelter in the surrounding jungles to escape arrest. Most of them were noted to have stocked up food supplies before disappearing into the jungles, the observers said.

The dragnet also covered Tenom, Nabawan, Tambunan, Keningau and the sub-districts of Kemabong, Pagalungan and Sook.

Obviously, the fugitives would only emerged from their hiding places when the coast is clear, especially when the STF personnel ended their operation on Friday, before returning to Kota Kinabalu.

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