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2009 budget a distress signal

Written By kadayan chronicles on Monday, 1 September 2008 | 07:58

Written by Arimi Sidek

It is an attempt to correct government's silly mistake.

Malaysiakini.com quoted Anwar as saying that the budget had no incentive for FDI. Pak Lah insisted that 2009 budget is not for the sake of popularity.


I agree with Pak Lah 100%. There is no way BN government, under strugling Pak Lah's administration, is getting more popular simply because of the generous budget that was tabled yesterday.

This is NOT populist budget at all. This is a CORRECTIVE BUDGET.

Video [YouTUBE] added, 31 Aug 2008.

Now Government realises that it was horribly wrong to increase fuel price hastily.

It was terribly wrong to abandon several billions of fuel subsidies for the sake of "saving". The trade off is unbelievably high; the fuel hike triggered the record breaking inflation that we currently have. The policy on fuel had broken up General Price Index (GPI) natural momentum. As the result, the economy stucks in one-way traffic ever since, GPI soars up. It left us, Malaysians, with the same amount of Ringgit poorer than before.

As I said before, BN government and Malaysian economists, they hate subsidies. They expose Malaysia's economy to viotility of fuel price market because according to them, Malaysia will be far better off without subsidies. They rather willing to have a record breaking inflation than to retain subsidies.

Therefore, Pak Lah and those moron economists introduce many unnecessary corrective actions due to the mistake they had committed; right in this budget. Read full article

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