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BPR in serious business nationwide

Written By kadayan chronicles on Monday, 1 September 2008 | 21:30

(pok-kam.blogspot.com) Wow, I am really impressed. So many got arrested in a day and it's nationwide to the extent they even have a special name for their operation this time - Operation Compact.

If you ask me, I would choose Operation Scoop the Crooks to send shiver down the crooks spine but then again it's not a catchy a phrase. Sounds rather silly or does it?Well what's in a name anyway when results that matters the most.

Although a bit late but still it's better than never. These behind the scene transactions have been going on for years. Just look around when you are driving in town or when you are on the road. Some of the commercial vehicles which are no longer fit to be on the roads can be seen daily plying about as usual. How did they managed to pass the 'stringent' checks by PUSPAKOM is the million dollar question.

So good job BPR. More results again please.


Pangait - BPR, Siasat Projek Karitapi Sabah |2008-09-02 23:52:04
Bagus BPR cek kanapa projek karitapi Sabah macam nadada urang bakaraja. Sia tingu dari Tg Aru sampai Kinarut lama suda tiada urang kasi siap, dia punya simin ampai2 siring rel suda lama. Kalau dakat Pangalat Damit, itu simin sudah kana tutup rumput panjang. Didakat Papar itu rail sudah kana tutup rumput. Sia tingu notis dia bilang siap Bulan Lima, tapi macam tidak bulih siap. Lajim, timbalan mantiri Pangangkutan pun diam diam saja.
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