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Fuyoh! 48 BN MPs bukak puasa in Macao

Written By kadayan chronicles on Sunday, 7 September 2008 | 14:58

(kerabubersuara.blogspot.com) The 48 or more BN MPs whose passports have allegedly been taken by the Barisan Backbenchers Club (BBC) whip are supposed to leave for their overseas trip today 7th Sept. 2008. They are supposed to be overseas until 17th September - ie one day after Anwar Ibrahim's promised takeover of the Government.

The trip is to study agricultural techniques so that they can all come back and participate in the debate on the recent Budget, a debate that has been postponed until after the Bulan Puasa. But the Budget allocation for Agriculture was nothing much to shout about.

Since not all the BN MPs are going, it suggests that the 48 or more BN MPs whose passports have been held by the BBC are the ones most likely to benefit from not being in the country over that period of time. What if Anwar Ibrahim postpones his plans by a couple of weeks? Does that mean that the 48 BN MPs get to stay longer and learn how cows chew grass?

Today, a friend who is close to the insiders said that the BN MPs are going to Taiwan and Macao. "Macao?" you may ask. What kind of Agriculture can you find in Macao? Well apparently Macao is famous for nourishing ornamental flowers which can move. Yes they can. Please see the pictures. These 'flowers' not only can move but they can also shake and rattle.


singkang - Perpuasa di mana -mana sama saja |2008-09-08 02:10:46
Jika berpuasa di Malaysia tetapi menuduh org mcm minum todi lagi baik nerpuasa di Macou.

singkang |2008-09-08 02:14:04
sila layari www.kpmu.net anwar akan di penjara

wahhh aku terkena - wahhh aku terkena |2008-09-08 14:07:39
sinkang main tipu... mana ada berita itu macam di laman kpmu.net

Pangait - Wah! Butul BN gagar.. |2008-09-08 16:36:53
Bagagar juga BN pasal 16 September sampai mau bawa lari diurang punya MP..
kut kut ikan pari
panakut bawa lari....
This from malaysia today - what to study, weather different meh ... |2008-09-08 19:15:26
Hooray Malaysia:

1. Never seen such an efficient bunch of MPs:
- Can book flight so quickly, one day before flying. WOW!
- Can pack so quickly, no work in Parliament or Ministry ah?
- Got so much spare cash (reported that trip is at 'own expense')

2. So eager to 'STUDY'...??!!
- and of all subjects: AGRICULTURE. Halo, weather so different, wat 2 study??
- or did they mean learn how to 'AGGRAVATE OTHER CULTURES'??
- are they required to do a report on their studies? If so, in Malay or English?

3. It's a Suicide Mission
- Didn't these idiots know that there is a potentially deadly HURRICANE looming around the China Seas?

4. It's Ramadhan, give them a break man.
- Why deprive them of their family-time of all times? Isn't family buka puasa sort of important to the Muslims?

5. Such Short Notice
- Did they give the Taiwanese authorities time to prepare to receive such a big foreign delegation?
- Did they already draw up the agenda? Just 2 days ago, they didn't even know where they were going.
- And on what basis did Najib approve the study last wk when there wasnt even an agenda or venue.

babi - Ke Taiwan belajar ternak babi |2008-09-10 15:29:29
ke taiwan ternak babi kah pelajaran semua YB BN tu?

Agriculture menyumbangkan hanya 1.4% dari GDP taiwan. Dengan ertikata lain, taiwan bukan negara pertanian. kedua, pengeluaran utama pertanian taiwan ialah daging babi.

Baca komen seorang pembaca di tukar tiub

roman azamano said...
Ahli Parlimen ke Taiwan belajar menternak babi..x caye tgk bwh

GDP (2007): $383 billion.
Real annual growth rate (2007): 4.6 5.7%.
Per capita GDP (2007): $16,790.
Unemployment (2007) 3.9%.
Natural resources: Small deposits of coal, natural gas, limestone, marble, and asbestos.
AGRICULTURE (1.4% of GDP): Major products--pork(babi), rice, fruit and vegetables, sugarcane, poultry, shrimp, eel.
Services: (71.1% of GDP).
Industry (27.5% of GDP): Types--electronics and flat panel products, chemicals and petrochemicals, basic metals, machinery, textiles, transport equipment, plastics, machinery.
Trade (2007): Exports--$247 billion: electronics, optical and precision instruments, information and communications products, textile products, basic metals, plastic and rubber products. Major markets--U.S. $32 billion, P.R.C. and Hong Kong $100 billion, Japan $16 billion. Imports--$219 billion: electronics, optical and precision instruments, information and communications products, machinery and electrical products, chemicals, basic metals, transport equipment, crude oil. Major suppliers--Japan $46 billion, P.R.C. $30 billion, U.S. $27 billio
SEPTEMBER 10, 2008 3:15 AM

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