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Bloggers, 1-by-1, probably YOU will be next

Written By kadayan chronicles on Thursday, 18 September 2008 | 14:43

Written by KaaWai ^TaNaH^

Bakaq penarik beca dah kena 2 hari
RPK sedang meringkuk entah di mana
Sheih Kickdefella kena tangkap

Blogging emerges as one of the most dangerous past time in Malaysia at the time being. Every word of yours will be surgically counted, I suppose.

A Sabahan blogger spotted this, and we aren't surprise by his findings.

BigMOUTH causes the red bars look bad
The bars made the BigMOUTH looks great

No, not at all. In fact, we are fully aware of that. Since the past few months we sense their 'presence' right here, too.

INSET: KICKDEFELLA ARRESTED UNDER ISA, 17 Sept 2008. Revised text [IMPROVISED], 19 Sept 2008.

Once and a while, someone ,from somewhere, either using proxy or direct connection from their clearly visible domain of ***.gov.my, downloading the whole kadayanchronicles.blogspot.com website content for the purpose that known only to themselves.



Blogger held under Sedition Act KOTA BARU: One of the pioneering bloggers in the country, Syed Azidi Syed Aziz, better known as Sheih Kickdefella, was detained by police yesterday for posting allegedly seditious statements on his portal.

According to his wife Bariah Ishak, her husband, who is an employee of Mentri Besar Incorporated, was picked up from their home in Demit here around 5pm by three plainclothes police officers.


Wonder what they wanna do next, after reading the works of several kadayan hippies.

Rest assure that here at kadayanchronicles.blogspot.com we write for nothing except for our own pleasure; our very own self enjoyment. Right, we're nothing but hippies who love to write; as we believe that writing is not taboo in Malaysia.

In my case for example, writing (not surfing, dammit I knew the difference between surfing & writing) in the internet had ben cultivated more or less a decade ago with Kedayan Online (KOL). I had the privilege watching the birth of blogging phenomenan since the very beginning. It was started with website's content management system (CMS) that can be easily and regularly updated compare to ordinary html based website. These type of websites known as web log, and the phrase later shortened to what we commonly known as today's 'blog'.

But in so far, I get no monetary gain, nor the limelight, due to writing / blogging for that long. I'm not getting famous because, presumably, to blog and being famous at the same time are two different things. It may requires different substances, some may appear contradictory to the other.

For example:

You don't have to be a good writer to start blogging, but you have to be good in order to be come famous.

You dont have to be a good writer to become famous (such as to put national flag upside down), but you need to be good in order to create quality blog(s).

But blogging looks different now. Blogging ISN'T fun anymore. It is an expensive lifestyle to maintain with.

I think Pak Lah isn't kidding us around when he suddenly swapped portfolio with Najib and taking up defence job of the country. He now has direct control of Armed Forces and this is something and very interesting to watch for, for sure.

He doesn't think bloggers are funny nowaday. No, bloggers aren't nuisance anymore. For him, bloggers are the NATIONAL THREAT.

Thats what he supposedly believes, by arresting bloggers one-by-one., one after another. And he indicates that he is willing to pay higher price to safeguard this belief.

The the target is clear, bigmouth bloggers that enjoy writing just about anything and can't keep their mouth shut!


Puteri Kinabalu - Blogger penghasut memang padan muka |2008-09-18 10:20:42
Kickdefella - Bagaikan sireh pulang ke ganggang

September 18, 2008 by admin
Penangkapan Sheik Kick Defella hari da bawah akta keselamatan dalam negara bagaikan sireh pulang ke ganggang kerana inikah tempat yang paling sesuai dan layak untuk dia yang menghina bendera Malaysia dan menghasut rakyat membenci kerajaan dengan menebalikkan bedera Malaysia. Ini bukanlah perkara yang pertama yang dilakukan oleh beliau kerana setia karya beliau adalah karya yang menghina pemimpin Malaysia dan menghina pemimpin kita samalah seperti menghasut rakyat membenci pemimpin dan kerajaan Malaysia. Sememangnya Sheikh ini tidak punya sikap sayangkan negara dan kepimpinan kerajaan Malaysia.


babun - Admin kpmu.net mana ada pendirian! |2008-09-18 10:39:59
Sekarang admin kpmu.net cakap mesti sayang bendera. Hari tu semasa perhimpunan 16 Sept kpmu.net cakap majlis berkenaan tidak bermakna kerana cuma bagi bagi bendera.

Terbalik kan bendera = menghina bendera
memperkecilkan kerana hanya bagi-bagi bendera = merendah-rendahkan bendera.

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