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Syed Nadzri (nst), whats so great about English?

Written By kadayan chronicles on Tuesday, 2 September 2008 | 13:31

Written by balingkasa

Pak Lah speaks a good English, Najib speaks a good English, Khairy speaks a good English; but for many Malaysians, they look stupid too...

Scary poster in Japan
- lost in translation perhaps?

Dear Nadzri, I would like to make some corrections on your statement.

Those staffs of University Tun Hussein Onn dumb appearance weren't due to their weak command in English, but rather because they are a bunch of amateurs. First, they are already stupid and second, the weak English issue came in.

SYED NADZRI (nst): Boo-boo that must haunt us all THE English language was mutilated and murdered in one clumsy cock-up two Saturdays ago. And the worst part was, the whole boo-boo got published most awkwardly in this newspaper.

I think I would faint were I to repeat that whole passage of roughly 600 words. But for those who missed it, let me give you an idea of the madness that has crept into our education system by quoting verbatim this one line: "Yang Amat Mulia also is a linguist follow several courses including language Mandarin at the tertiary level, French and Italy language."

Revised text version, 02 Sept 2008.

Mind you, this is, believe it or not, the least offensive line, one of the less contemptible ones, and is picked as mere illustration and not meant in any way to further demean Yang Amat Mulia Raja Zarith Sofiah binti Almarhum Sultan Idris Al-Mutawakil Alallahi Shah, the consort of the Tengku Mahkota of Johor, to whom the write-up was dedicated.

Nadzri further wrote that...

But we have reason to be worried by the bigger picture brought by this question: has the standard of English sunk to a new low here and is this reflective of all our universities?

Just in case you didn't notice, let me prove my prior statement to you. With or without English, they're in the state of stupidity for ages due to:

i) Their inability to recognize that their English knowledge is terrible. That is why they dare to publish advertorial in honor of Yang Amat Mulia Raja Zarith Sofiah binti Almarhum Sultan Idris Al-Mutawakil Alallahi Shah, the consort of the Tengku Mahkota of Johor, to whom the write-up in broken English was dedicated.

ii) Their failure to notice the difference between unofficial, official, and highly official functions. For if they do, they certainly had asked around to find somebody with good English command, including you Syed Nadzri, to come up with a better write-up supposedly for the said advertorial.

iii) Not only that they are dumb, they proudly think that idiocy is God-given, and being idiot is special. They think whatever they write on will turn to be a perfect writeup, without any needs for repeat-reading it, or any other kind of improvement whatsoever.

iv) They failed to realized that in the writing world, there is a concept of editing. And for this, there are editors that work to beautify the writeup up to the level of Shakespearian or Victorian English.

Those are the real reasons why they committed the mistake. And here, English had made themselves look dumber.

But to the reality that English is dying in Malaysia, so what Nadzri?

What is so great about English anyway. I had lived for nearly 5 decades now and frankly, for myself, English is nothing.

The role of English in my daily life is very minimal. 99.9% of conversations that deemed necessary to carry on with my life are suffice to be conducted in Bahasa, I would say.

I work in Bahasa workplace surrounding since I was graduated. 99% of my clientele are Malaysians. For those English speaking Malaysians, I invented a good trick [worked for me] to make them nervous upon having conversation with me all the time; I force them to talk in Bahasa, and I call this even.

For nearly 5 decades, I spent 99.9% of my lifetime in Malaysia.

Call me 'katak di bawah tempurung', thats fine with me. But I also have reasons to believe that 20 out of 27 million of Malaysians are in the same situation with me, whether they are Bumi or non-bumi. We don't really need English in daily life!

Please tell me down to the level that I can rationalize it, what competitiveness that you are talking about?

English is the national language of India until today, just to show how Indians place a great emphasis on it. But kindly show me how competitive India is, in the real sense of business world with good English command on their hand.

Japan and China are the most competitive economies in the world, at present. And Nadzri, their Inggiris, or, their Ingglish is less than terrible.

English may boast your confidence to some extend. It makes you feel good about yourself probably. Some need it to reach greater audience according to what they got into in life. Other use it to read English books, but just really a small portion in our society – call them frontliners – need it in order to become competitive.

Any reason at all to justify English perpetual existence in Malaysia, and its up to us to made it up.

But in reality it does NOT make you smarter.

Pak Lah speaks a good English, Najib speaks a good English, Khairy speaks a good English; but for many Malaysians, they look stupid too.

So in this sense, did their stupidity had anything to do with English?


M Not Anti Inglis either - M Not Anti Inglis either |2008-09-05 09:11:35
10001% agree with you.

Those Inglis speaking Malaysians, they think when Inglis quality deteriorates, the world going to end immediately, but it isn't.

Its all in our mind, it just a perception.

They said Inglis is important for us to assist tourists, to creates condusive surrounding for tourism

But fine, IF they want to improve, improve la ... apa nak kepoh?

But let touch the ground and live in the reality once and a while. I am 37 years now. AND NEVER in my life, any tourists at all approached me, seeking / asking for directions; call me lucky then...

So, so,... my inglis is idle for long.

I don't need inglis to watch tv in malaysia...

I don't need inglis to watch dvd in malaysia

dia ada subtitle baaiik punya

Inglis : "honey, I'm home"
Malay subtitle : "madu, saya rumah"

Slamat berpuasa to all visitors of the Great Kadayan Universe!!!!

Inggeris malaya - Inggeris malaya |2008-09-07 18:59:10
Di malaysia, orang-orang yang fasih berbahasa Inggeris faham benar bahawa mutu Bahasa Inggeris (BI) semakin merosot hari demi hari.

Tetapi Untuk adil, baik kita lihat dari sudut kepentingan mereka sendiri, selain dari mendengar mereka membebel mengenai kepentingan dan sumbangan sebenar BI terhadap kemajuan negara.

Jumlah golongan Mat Saleh malaysia ini semakin mengecil. Bagi syarikat akhbar seperti nst, ini adalah perkara yang menakutkan, semakin kurang yang membeli akhbar mereka.

golongan mat saleh malaysia yang lain pula semakin sukar berbicara dalam BI secara proper, kerana orang malaysia semakin tidak memahami mereka. Apa gunanya kemahiran tinggi jika tiada sesiapa yang mendengar. Wiss wossh wiss wossh, tapi orang tak peduli. Ini berkenaan dengan erosion of their comfort zone.

Jika kita telanjangi betul-betul, satu-satunya kemahiran yang mereka boleh jaja ialah BI. Tanpa BI mereka hanyalah orang-orang tua yang tiada gigi.

Setiap hari yang kita alami ialah orang malaysia yang 99% tahu bertutur bahasa melayu tetapi memilih untuk berbahasa inggeris sesama mereka; orang melayu sama melayu, orang melayu sama cina, oranc cina sama india, india dengam melayu.

Sebabnya mereka memilih untuk ber BI dengan lintang pukang dari bertutur bahasa melayu yang mereka lebih kuasai.

Be practical, all these are nonsense.

Ohh, that Syed Nadzri ... - Dia pun bukan bagus sangat gak, poodah |2008-09-08 12:53:39
Baca Komen kat blog Din Merican pasal Syed Nadzri ni,

by Dr. M. Bakri Musa
Morgan-Hill, California
September 9, 2008

The New Straits Times where its Editor-in-Chief Syed Nadzri boldly predicted that Anwar would be defeated. Obviously Syed Nadzri was beginning to believe his own spin.

In coming to such a wildly off-the-mark conclusion, Syed Nadzri is either a lousy observer of the public mood or he is more concerned with sucking up to his political superiors. In either case, he does not deserve to be the custodian of such a valuable and essential institution of modern society.

To me Syed Nadzri is both. That he is a poor judge of the public mood can be seen by the ever declining circulation and influence of his paper. Syed Nadzri is only the latest in a long series of those who, through their lack of professional integrity and journalistic skills, have destroyed this once-valued brand name. As one naughty wag put it, that paper should now be more correctly called, The New S**t Times.


kapiaq - kapiaq |2008-09-08 14:33:52
Be a bit practical about english in our country.

For example, let us choose the most popular career in Malaysia; be a politician and the answer this questionnaire
[nevermind lah I answer myself]

1.Can someone who don't speak English survive in Malaysian politics? YES

2.Can someone who don't speak Bahasa survive in Malaysian politics? Probably yes, probably not

3.Can a politician relies English speaking citizens as supporters?
No, they will badmouth you in their blog coz they think they're smart.
They will swear in SDs if they no longer like you.
They will migrate overseas if no one speaks english in malaysia anymore

4.Can a politician just rely on English speaking supporter to win in any elections? No, they are just a minority

5.Any example of good English-speaking politicians in Malaysia?

Lim Kit Siang – his english accent is superb and he is the english teacher in Malaysia's politic
Karpal Singh – his pronounciation of 'today' is the best! So powerful that you can experience momentary enlightment once you heard it.
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