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Orang Kedayan MISKIN

Written By kadayan chronicles on Wednesday, 17 September 2008 | 09:12

Written by Kadayan FEED

Orang Kedayan dan orang-orang bumiputera lain di Sabah dan di Sarawak miskin. Kemiskinan ini membayangkan ketidak seimbangan pembangunan antara Semenanjung, Sabah dan Sarawak.

Ia juga menghalang hubungan baik di antara kerajaan persekutuan dan negeri. Sungguh hairan kerana perkara ini disiarkan oleh surat khabar ternama di negara ini`No Straight Times.

(NST) Sabah seems to have lagged and worsened relatively after 34 years: in 1970 the ratio of its per capita GDP to the Malaysia average was 1.19, but this fell to 0.59 in 2004, while Sarawak held on to its pace of growth: the comparative statistics were 0.89 and 0.88.

The incidence of poverty in Sabah in 2004 was 23 per cent, which was more than four times the national figure (5.7 per cent) and the highest in Malaysia, compared with 7.5 per cent in Sarawak.

Poverty among the Orang Sungei, Rungus, Bisaya, and Suluk communities in Sabah and among the Bidayuh, Kenyah, Kayan, Kedayan, Penan and Lun Bawang in Sarawak were much higher. With such a high level of poverty, inequality in income for a state that is relatively rich in resources probably is much higher in Sabah.

For Sabah, the developmental slippage must be a cause for concern and a continuation along the same developmental path will surely fuel further discontent.

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