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16 Sept? maybe NOT ...

Written By kadayan chronicles on Wednesday, 10 September 2008 | 14:27

(hantulautan.blogspot.com) Politics in Malaysia is all about money, positions and status.

Despite all those earnest declarations by Anwar of taking over the government latest by 16th September there seemed to be something missing in his calculations of what he called "we have the numbers".

There appears to be no logical progression to those numbers under the present circumstances.

Anwar may have to wait until the next elections to try capture the Federal government. His sudden realization that it would be almost next to impossible for him to takeover the government this term unless there is a big exodus from almost all of the non-UMNO and non-PBB components of the BN or a mixture of all including significant number from UMNO.


aimmann |2008-09-13 21:06:40
mimanglah.. tak sebut tahun bilapun.. mungkin 2013 kot..

Kadayan Indon - politic |2008-09-13 21:59:31
I always hope that there will be ' orang baru' to hold this #1 post,not Anwar neither Abdullah,sebab dua-duanya sama aja deh,Pak Abdullah ni 'too slow' and Anwar pula 'susah nak cakap',dengan kes-kes dia ni samaada betul atau tidak hanya tuhan yang tau, tapi yang jelas rasanya dia tak sesuai jadi PM, pokok nya kedua-dua orang penting ni tak sesuai mengetuai pemerintahan negara kita...
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