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New government by Sept. 16

Written By kadayan chronicles on Thursday, 4 September 2008 | 21:36

(kadayanjournal.livejournal.com) BN will be buried by the 16th September 2008.

BR forms a Government, surely another unprecedented in the country's history. At the moment, one goes to any warong makan, kedai kopi or five star hotels, they all talk and ask the same question will Anwar Ibrahim mean what he says?

Anwar Ibrahim has not given inkling that he can’t make it.

From Sarawak it was lauded that PR has 40 MPs if not more ready to make a new Government.

I am encouraged to hear.

In Sabah, one staunch BN Minister was busy the last few days, championing himself by for the purpose of ensuring his boss-the PM, that no Sabah MPs jump joining PR, so the story goes- MPs must sign on paper pledging their loyalty to BN.


Balingkatak - New Government |2008-09-22 23:54:14
Alum pakah kan ba kaajaan bahau..
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