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A stalemate for how long? Please checkmate it

Written By kadayan chronicles on Saturday, 20 September 2008 | 16:17

Written by balingkasa

Either being killed by the wandering prince; or being left rotting to death in his own chamber.

The stalemate situation is sure to stay in this Ramadhan, and sure to stay in Syawal.

It is stalemate because none of the parties have the power to checkmate, simply put.

I bring to you a (non)aesop fables to explain what the stalemate is all about.

It is about a certain wandering prince. Maybe, he has the full list of knight-to-be in hand in his pursuant to become wazier of a Kingdom. But there is little use of it for now.

There will be no king nobles assembley's session in the month of Ramadhan. Therefore all he has to do is to wait with crossed fingers.

There is other way to go about this. He can goes straight away to the palace and present the list there. But this is riskier actually.

First, its up to the king whether to entertain him or not.

Secondly, the real danger is that, the list had being made public and everybody knew it by then. Everybody, including the current wazier, the dying wazier. And I swear by the famous Kamunting hotel, the wizier will not just sitting down upon knowing who-and-who in the list, afterall there is a rumour the list is all about defectors - some 30 something of all his purportedly loyal knights.

The dying wazier may have all the power to stop the wandering prince. But there are problems, the power is of little use now as he can't use it quite freely. He is really preoccupied with so many things. He already knew about he prince encroachment. But there are rotten elements from within the court. The internal struggle within his chamber is heightening, and this is more dangerous for himself.

For the dying wazier, life is so cruel and merciless that its not about survival he is talking about.

Its about to choose the method to die. Its either being killed by the wandering prince; or being left rotting to death in his own chamber. "

Whatever happens, the stalemate will continue.

Constitutional expert Prof Abdul Aziz Bari believes that the Yang di-Pertuan Agong can also intervene to break the impasse.

"We are heading towards a stalemate," he told The Malaysian Insider.
According to Khoo, there is no mechanism that Anwar can use to trigger a change in government until the opposition submits a motion of no confidence where legislators can vote democratically.

That is exactly what Anwar is now trying to do. Malaysia-Today
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